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We are very excited to announce that SnapCell have completed and implemented a full integration with Cox Automotive’s impressive VinSolutions CRM system – the fastest growing CRM in the US.

Connect CRM was created by VinSolutions to address the challenge of shrinking margins for dealers struggling to meet sales and profitability targets, while simultaneously creating a personalized and positive customer experience that builds retention.

SnapCell’s integration with Connect CRM is not just a simple inbox integration that gets lost in a busy email account. Each customer record is tagged with the individual movements of the videos that have been sent to them. It tracks when the video has been sent, if the video has been watched or if the video has bounced and not been received.

A link for any video you send to a customer is automatically created and saved on their record. So, if you notice that a video hasn’t been received for whatever reason, you can contact the customer asking if you have the right details and easily be able to send the link to them again. What’s more, you’ll still be able to monitor any actions that video receives.

Using SnapCell alongside VinSolutions CRM gives you the ability to see how your customers are interacting with the videos you’re sending them. Based on their actions, you can build follow-up campaigns to provide that personalized and positive experience to keep them coming back to your dealership when they need a new car or any maintenance work.

Connect CRM has sought to streamline the car buying process, giving dealers more time to make their customer interactions count. The developers at VinSolutions are guided by the sales, support, performance management and product management teams that are all full of former dealership employees, so they understand what it takes to sell cars every day.

Opting to implement SnapCell, the fastest growing video relationship management software in the US, into VinSolutions Connect CRM system provides a fresh, modern and digital approach to customer retention and relationship management.

For more information on integrating SnapCell with VinSolutions CRM or how we can improve the relationships you have with your customers Click Here.

Brent Williams 07/31/2018

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