Hassle free and made within seconds, Snapcell have introduced innovative technology so you can create a walkaround video of a vehicle, without the physical walkaround!

Welcome to the evolution of smart walkaround videos, welcome to Snapcell’s Videobot!

We take your inventory and with our ingenious technology stitch each vehicle picture together to create a high grade perfected video, mirroring a walk around for your customers with feature highlights and vehicle specifications. Now your dealership can create the perfect engaging scenario with their customers, whilst still keeping the personal touch that your customer love, with no fuss.

Display these manually, add to your window stickers, automate them on your website or through personal responders from your dedicated sales team. The deliverable will still be in your dealerships template, customer interaction is our number one priority!

Snapcell VideoBot Features

More than just inventory pictures

Maximize your inventory pictures and vehicle specifications. VideoBot auto connects all of these together to create a seamless and impressive video.

Fully leverage opportunities

These can be used as personal auto responders, posted to social, printed as a QR for your window stickers and added to your VDP

Ascetically pleasing

Displayed in your very own interactive template, wherever your customer connects with your VideoBots they will always have it on their device

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How can VideoBot Help Your Dealership


Your sales team can create their own introduction and closing video and we can send VideoBots of your leads specified vehicle automatically. Let the customer come to you!

Add VideoBots to your VDPs on your website to gain more attention to the vehicle you are advertising and more time on your pages
Approve VideoBots directly to social for a consistent approach and more outreach

Printing a window sticker? Easy! We can automatically add the QR code of the VideoBot to your stickers for any out of hours visitors or your daily browswers

And much more!

Start Selling More Cars With VideoBot

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More Leads

Quality VDP pages
Stock on Social
Online Sales

Customer Engagement

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