SnapCell vs. FlickFusion: Compare the Leading Car Dealer Software.

Automotive’s Best Car Sales App.

More auto dealers are implementing dealership management systems (DMS) to assist in their operations. The right car dealer software can streamline sales, service, inventory, cost calculation, financing, and more.

 Sharing videos with customers during the sales and service process is an effective way to increase lead engagement and response rates, but not all software makes the process easy.

 SnapCell and FlickFusion are two popular providers of car dealer software with live video streaming capabilities. Explore the unique features and benefits of SnapCell vs FlickFusion before choosing the right option for your dealership.

SnapCell Car Dealer Video Software Features & Benefits.

SnapCell, the leader in automotive video marketing solutions, now offers a Live feature that allows car dealers to hold two-way video chats with customers. SnapCell Live is the ideal car dealer software for vehicle walkaround videos, virtual test drives, loan applications, vehicle inspection/valuation, and more customer-facing tasks. SnapCell seamlessly integrates with popular dealer platforms and social media platforms.

 SnapCell Live Video Streaming was built with sales executives, business managers, BDC agents, and service departments in mind.

Standout features of SnapCell’s live video tool include:

  • All Live Streams Recorded
  • Multi-Person Live Streams
  • Can Share Your Desktop Screen
  • No Customer Downloads
  • Live Sales Execs
  • Live Services Advisors
  • Live Techs
  • Live BDC
  • Live F&I

FlickFusion Car Dealer Software Features & Benefits

FlickFusion provides video marketing solutions for dealerships which is a white-labeled version of VidMail. FlickFusions video tool does require customer downloads and it does not support screen sharing.

The Advantage of SnapCell’s Dealer-Specific Software

When compared to FlickFusion and other car dealer software providers, SnapCell Live stands out thanks to the following features, High-quality video, Multi-person live streams, Screen sharing, No customer downloads 

SnapCell users report that the interface is simple and easy to use, especially when compared to some of its clunky counterparts. SnapCell also has a 50% higher open rate than any other multi-point inspection software.

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Don’t leave video quality to chance with lower-rated platforms like FlickFusion. SnapCell is the trusted car dealer software offering automotive video tools that will increase customer engagement and revenue.

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