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Snapcell’s range of digital solutions enhances customer rapport, drives sales, and improves CSI, elevating your car dealership to the next level.

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What’s included in the 15 minute  Demo?

Learn the new customer buying journey

Why video is important


How we can help you increase revenue


Email open rates of up to 70%


64% of customers say seeing a video makes them more likely to buy


50% increase in upsell on identified work sold


Snapcell has a 50% higher open rate than any multi-point inspection (MPI) software

Why Snapcell And Not Another Video Messaging Platform?


Snapcell is built for the Automotive industry. Its revolutionary functions and features have been created specifically for sales and service teams. You won’t find our Automotive specific features on any other video platform.


We are the most reliable video app in the market place. Unlike some platforms, Snapcell will always send your videos to your clients. Our software ensures that whenever there is no internet available, your video is not deleted – when a sufficient signal is available, your video will be sent.


Support and quick response times is part of our business we pride ourselves on, we understand how important your business is and we aim to resolve any technical / training issues within hours not days.

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Your ROI Matters

We aim to give your dealership the very best ROI. We do this by making Snapcell a very affordable tool that any size dealer can comfortably afford and it won’t break the bank!

How Is Snapcell Different From My Staff Sending A Video Link From Their Own Phone?

Snapcell sends from a TCPA-compliant SMS number we register for your dealership. Notifications automatically connect the Snapcell user to the customer. All activity is measured with customized reporting and tracked through your CRM.

Does My Customer Need To Have The Snapcell App To Receive A Video Or Livestream?
Absolutely not. As long your customer has an email address or a mobile phone number, they’ll be able to view your videos and communicate with you.
Does Snapcell Integrate With Our CRM?
Yes, Snapcell can integrate with your CRM system.

If we have not integrated with your CRM provider already and depending on what CRM provider you have, there may be an element of setup required.

Does Snapcell Integrate With Our Social Media Pages?

Yes. We have integrations built allowing you to post to your company social media pages with the click of a button.