Snapcell vs. TruVideo: Compare the Leading Car Dealer Software

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Dealership management systems (DMS) are increasingly popular among car dealerships as they offer a suite of video tools designed to assist in sales, service, inventory, cost calculation, financing, and other dealer-specific needs.

Snapcell and TruVideo are two of the more popular providers of quality car dealer software. Here we will compare the features and benefits of Snapcell vs TruVideo to help dealerships choose the right video streaming software.

Snapcell Car Dealer Video Software Features & Benefits

Snapcell is a leader in automotive video marketing solutions. Snapcell integrates with many dealership CRMs, Facebook, and YouTube.

TruVideo Car Dealer Software Features & Benefits

TruVideo is an alternative video and texting tool for car dealerships. The pros and cons of this car dealer software can be seen in reviews from dealership sales experts and technicians:

“Truvideo is extremely easy to use. Sometimes there can be problems when trying to upload videos from the technician side. Also, it is frustrating if you accidentally stop a video and then remember something that you should have added. It would be beneficial to be able to go back into the end of a video that was “stopped” and add something additional or edit videos before they are sent to the advisor/customer for review.” – Verified TruVideo Review

Compare this to a review on SnapCell dealer software:

“This video relationship marketing software helps the user stop and start the recording for different shots and camera rotation during rotation.” – Verified Snapcell Review

The Advantage of Snapcell’s Dealer-Specific Software

Snapcell stands out from TruVideo and other car dealer software providers because of the quality of the software and the automotive-specific platform. The team at Snapcell has a background in the automotive industry and understands how dealers operate and how customers purchase cars.

Snapcell was built with sales executives, business managers, BDC agents, and service departments in mind.

The Snapcell app is easier to use, available on both Apple and Android smartphones, and offers a higher open rate than other multi-point inspection software.

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Choose Snapcell and don’t leave video quality to chance with alternative platforms like FlickFusion. Our software is specific to automotive video marketing, it’s quick and easy to use, and no customer downloads are required.

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