With AutoChat you can drive more inquiries to your dealership delivering an effective and efficient communication 24/7. AutoChat enables you to greet customers on your website quickly, route chats with the help of AI and qualify leads on your website, by combining AI automation and the human touch.

Communicate with your customers 24/7

Set the tone by making your dealership accessible for your online customers! Meet them where they are at. Chat to them online and in real time with real conversations. As the experts, we give you back your conversations. AutoChat fills the gap between confused online shoppers and builds rapport with your dealership.

By combining automation with the human touch, you get to set out the parameters of your online chat conversations to the moment you see fit to notify a member of your team to respond either by chat or face to face with AutoChat Live feature.

Snapcell AutoChat Features

Choose the direction of your conversations

Select which department you want your leads to be opened up to on your chat. As the website chat is important for your dealerships tool box, you can choose who answers. With all things Snapcell we make our solutions work for you and can keep you live for 24/7 or you can choose to answer during opening hours!

Don’t limit your sale

With AutoChat we open up the lines of communication by combining automated responses with the human touch. You can automate your responses and direct your customer by branched conversations chosen by you.

Customer comes first

AutoChat enables your website visitors to choose their preferred method of conversation. Whether it’s a complete chat conversation or speaking face to face live with a member of your team! Never miss an opportunity to meet the customer where they are at.

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AutoChat Stats


52% of customers prefer a company that offers live chat assistance


83.1% is the average customer satisfaction rating for live chat globally


86% of live chat tickets end with a satisfied customer


Can You Send The Video By Text?
Videos can be sent by Text (SMS) and or email, or both if you like!
Can You Make A Video With No Internet?
Yes, the video recorded will be sent to your customer once an internet connection is established.
Are You Notified When Someone Has Viewed The Video?
View notifications are sent to alert the user that the customer has viewed the video.
Does Snapcell Integrate With Our Social Media Pages?

Yes. We have integrations built allowing you to post to your company social media pages with the click of a button.

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