Language Packs

Never get lost in translation again! Snapcell has created language packs that not only provide auto captions for easy reading, whilst watching, but can translate up to 5 different languages depending on your audience!

Stuck in Limbo with the Lingo

Are languages causing a barrier at your dealership? Do you have customers that speak another language that you do not have the capacity in your team to deal with. Do you have members of your team where English is not their mother tongue but you would like to open up their dialogue to reach more customers?

Welcome to Language Packs by Snapcell. Your automotive video translator! With over one hundred different dialects, Language Pack subtitles enable the customer to choose their desired language so that you can communicate with your target audience whomever they are. It’s as easy as one, dos, trois!

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Snapcell Language Packs Features

Over 100 universal languages to choose from and your dealership can pick from 5 common dialects in your community
Recording a video with Language Pack enables you to speak to your audience in your preferred language
The customer receives a Snapcell with subtitles and language options to view

Benefits include:

Speed to Sales
Easy translation
Boost audience comprehension
Opens the doors for Deaf or hard of hearing viewers
Improved viewing in sound sensitive environments

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