Virtual automotive walkaround tools that bring the showroom to your customers, wherever they are.

Automotive 360-Degree Spin Displays

Make the most of your vehicle display pages and provide the ultimate digital retailing experience with SnapCell’s automotive photography 360-degree spin displays platform. The majority of customers who browse for vehicles online, 80% in fact, feel that offering 360-degree spin displays on a website reflects well on the dealer’s reputation.

Snap360 allows customers to zoom and pan on most iPhone and Android devices, through simple pinch and swipe motions. Whether the customer wants to get up close to the wheels and engine bay or step inside the vehicle to see the display and steering wheel, Snap360 makes it possible. Each vehicle detail can be inspected closely, leaving no feature forgotten. Spin displays offer a solution that mimics actually being inside the car, and whatsmore, only 7 minutes and between 6 to 9 feet of space are required to produce each one.

Virtual Retail Showroom

Snap360 will deliver the ultimate vehicle digital retailing experience to your website visitors, empowering them to view any part of the car from any angle creating desire leading to buying decisions.


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360 Statistics


73% of customers who browsed and then bought or leased a vehicle rated 360° Spin displays as extremely or very helpful.

Homenet consumer study, 2019


80% of customers who browsed for vehicles online think that offering 360° Spin displays on a website reflects well on the dealer’s reputation.

Homenet consumer study, 2019


95% of customers use search, with 61% of these using video or interactive content in the buying process. The customers using video or engaging with interactive content, were 85% more likely to purchase.

Consumer Study, 2019.


64% of buyers want extensive vehicle photos and data, along with effective search tools. 

Accelerating Sales in a Digitally Disrupted Market, McKinsey & Company 2019. 

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Mordernize your customers online buying experience by incorporating Snap360 into your online showroom.
Giving customers the ability to explore the interior and exterior of a vehicle with a full 360 viewing platform. Easy for you to use, exciting for the customer to navigate.

We have found the program to be the perfect fit for our store, allowing clients to view our dealership remotely.

Aaron Blitzstein, Cowell Auto Group


How much space do you need to create a 360 spin?
Between 6 – 9 ft is recommended for best results, if space is limited you can use a wide angled lens on your device.
What device does Snap360 need to create spins?
Snap360 works with most iPhones and Android devices.
How long does it take to create a 360?
It should not take long with hotspots and features included in the preview no longer than 7 minutes per vehicle.
Can I Bluetooth a 360 camera to the Snap360 app?
Yes, you can we recommended you use Ricoh Theta camera SC for the best results.

Start Selling More Cars With 360-Degree Spin Displays

With 73% of customers who browsed and then bought or leased a vehicle rating 360-degree spin displays as extremely or very helpful, it’s easy to see why so many dealers are choosing Snap360. Don’t just take our word for it though; Advanced reporting within the SnapCell app reveals customer interactions, engagement and leads. You’ll never be left guessing as to whether Snap360 is working for your dealership.

Find out how you can increase sales with 360-degree spin displays and arrange a demo of the SnapCell system. To get started, please fill in your details below including your preferred date and time of contact.

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