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“Great experience! Great App! Great Team! Lots of Support! Definitely recommend!”

Mike Hart

“Love the tool and learning more every time I use it”

Jeffery Sullivan

“SnapCell is very easy and efficient!! Love the app!!”

Steve Jacobs

“Great, great tool! Very easy to use on both ends. I love the wide view camera and the built in texting features. My team is utilizing it well and seeing the results!”

Bernard Veney Jr

“By far this is the best marketing platform 10 stars”

Joseph Johnson

“Great tool for every department a dealership”

Ifeanyi Obi

“Great tool to use. Your personalizes the experience for the customers. They can put a face to the name. And I can even walk through the doors and show them where my desk is so they know where to go when they get here. If they’ve never been here before. I highly recommend this app. Two thumbs up.”

Stephen Terry

“I love this application it makes my videos a lot better because of the editing from the application makes videos professional very user-friendly and I sold some cars already and I have nothing but good feedback.”

Joe Piza

“Using Snapcell in vehicle sales or any type of sales in environment, is a must have. It definitely helps out with the process and makes things easier. Working online sales and with distance, makes the process difficult at times. This brings the customer to you and the vehicle and process to the customer. It is a game changer, just try it.”

Desmond Gray

“Love this platform for our Dealership. It’s very user friendly and has some awesome features like live video calls, stop & go recording, etc.. Customers don’t have to download anything to view videos we send to them. They simply receive a link to click on and it opens right up in a new web browser (this goes for the live video calls as well). GREAT product and a GREAT support team as well!!”

Ashley Wolfe

“SnapCell has been a game changer for the way that we are able to interact and get our customers engaged with the product.

Extremely easy to use, great video quality, and customer feedback has been phenomenal.

I would highly recommend SnapCell as it really makes you a more efficient and effective sales associate.”

Charlie Tziolis

“Snapcell is an awesome tool to use with customers, for a vehicle presentation, following up with customer service or just to say thank you for your business.”

Lamar McLaughlin

“SnapCell is a huge part of my day!
It gives that personal spin on the selling proses. My customers get a great welcoming and a personalized thank you! I am fully invested in this technology. My favourite part of the day is going out and taking videos for customers!! Thank you SnapCell!”

Skylar Howell

“I work with a LOT of vendors and this has by far been the most pleasant experience we’ve had. Not to mention the fact that, Maria Bezants, our rep is quick to respond to any questions we may have an every single time I ask about a feature there’s one available to that does exactly what I want sometimes even better than what I wanted…. lalala love this service!!!!”

Cody Dugard

“I use Snapcell daily. It allows me to break the awkward barrier with my clients quickly. I can keep a ready library of inventory videos at my fingertips. I can target customers when inventory comes in that they are in the market to purchase. I know instantly when the video is watched and communicate through Snapcell directly with the customer. Very effective tool to have in your arsenal. Maria is a great trainer and always there to help. Excellent product!”

Randy Lairson

“Snapcell has been one of the best video platforms I’ve worked with. The user experience is easy, even for people who aren’t the best at using technology. Their support team is robust, friendly and quick to respond. The reporting allows you to see how many videos were sent per person, open rates, personal vs duplicate videos sent, and even what kind of videos your staff are sending (prospecting, marketing, etc.). Shout out to my reps Shaun, Molly and Maria who make my life easier!”

April Anne

“After dragging my feet to launch SnapCell at Germain Honda of College Hills it proved to be the right choice. Candice Gowans was amazing with product presentation, patient waiting for us but great follow up using the very tool we signed up to use. SnapCell is a very simple tool to communicate with customers, even my more veteran sales team members jumped right in with no issues. Support, training at launch was amazing too with Maria Bezants! If you are interested in a simple tool to connect more with your customers providing a better experience like no other. This is it, don’t drag your feet like I did! Thank you SnapCell!”

Don Asher

“Snapcell has brought another level of customer service to offer our customers!! Especially in our service department! It’s one thing to tell a customer what work needs done on their vehicle but it is something amazing to have the ability to SHOW them!!  Not only is the platform outstanding but the whole team at Snapcell are FANTASTIC to work with! Always available to help out with training or assist with technical issues. They even take our comments and suggestions for updates and changes to the platform and actually implement them! I would suggets Snapcell to anyone looking. to add video communication to their business – It will take you to the next level of customer service!”

Midland Honda

“Awesome tool for our business, my response rate for the last month, was 73%.
My response rate for year to date as follows, delivered 870, watched by my customers 415 for total of 48%.
Far better than phone calls, emails combined.
Customer’s love the personal connection. If you don’t have this in your dealership, I highly recommend it.”

Terry Cowart

“We made the switch to Snapcell over 2 months ago and have been very pleased with their product. Many more features offered than other tools and lots of integrations. Guaranteed to increase responses and customer retention. Would highly recommend.”

Gettel Acura

“SnapCell has given our dealer the ability to close more business with a personalized touch. The functionality of the program is second to none, extremely user friendly.

Something very important to me is the after sales service and support we receive from the SnapCell team.

10/10 would recommend.”

Dylan Bedal

“Great tool for marketing. I get lots of good feedback from my videos and it’s helped generate profitable business leads.”

Harley Della Monica

“SnapCell is a great tool to use for shooting videos and short clips of whatever you’re presenting to your customers/clients! Super easy to use, it actually adds that personal touch that places you ahead of everyone else in terms of the conventional way of showing products! Will highly recommend!”

Javan Jackson

“Excellent networking tool will increase productivity, revenue and make more customers into longterm relationships.. I love Snapcell, once you start 1 and watch it, then you go for thousands more”

John Galli

“Huge shout-out to Mykal for such an informative training session this morning! She answered all of my questions, sent me her contact for follow-up, and made us excited for the possibilities using SnapCell. Thank you!”

Seacost Harley-Davidson