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Produce informative content quickly and easily for customers, within minutes

Revolutionary Multi-Point Inspection tool

With more than 160,000 auto repair and maintenance centers across America, competition between businesses is at an all-time high. Plus, with those figures on the rise, it’s become more important than ever for traders within the automotive industry to explore, invest and introduce new techniques to guarantee they stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Introducing Snapcell’s Multi-Point Inspection tool, MPIexpress, where technicians within their service department create videos of their repair orders to send to customers. The easy-to-use SnapCell MPI app means that staff will be able to produce informative content quickly and easily for customers, within minutes.

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With the client’s car in view, technicians record themselves talking the customer through any issues before discussing and diagnosing the problem. And, thanks to the SnapCell MPI it integrates with your EMS system and using the tool couldn’t be more user-friendly, not only for the customer but for staff as well.

With the world heading in one direction and that’s digital, automotive traders simply cannot afford to get complacent when it comes to not just allowing but encouraging their business to grow and develop alongside this ever-changing world that we live in. Customers are becoming increasingly more comfortable living in an online world, where they can browse products and gain information at just the click of a button, from wherever they are in the world. Nowadays, customers crave a seamless virtual experience and automotive traders can simply not ignore this if they want to successfully connect and engage with a modern-day audience.

Why SnapCell case study

993 hours of repair work sold through SnapCell

$153,869 of revenue driven in repairs

1,308 videos created using SnapCell

2,922 repair orders made through SnapCell

Improve reputation, boost sales, encourage client retention

SnapCell’s revolutionary Multi Point Inspection tool MPIexpress allows businesses to offer a customer so much more. Face-to-camera recordings technicians can deconstruct any issues they identify by getting as close as their recording device will allow to the problem. In effect, they are giving the customer ultimate access to the service center and an expert experience of their service or repair job. Not only does this help to inform clients, while providing them with a real understanding of the work that needs to be carried out, but it undoubtedly adds that extra level of trust and honesty to each job in hand. In other words, the customer is less likely to feel ripped off because a technician can talk them through the work that needs to be done. This is a contributing factor when we look at the high number of sales in relation to the use of SnapCell. Plus, a customer that trusts a business is more likely to return in the future.

Produce informative content quickly and easily for customers, within minutes

SnapCell helps strengthen the relationship between automotive traders and customers, improving reputation, boosting sales, and encouraging client retention. Get in touch to arrange your free demo and start using SnapCell’s Multi-Point Inspection tool for your dealership.