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Welcome to automotive’s fully compliant and interactive video solution. Easily record, send, measure and humanize your messages. With unique technology, Snapcell Video adds efficiency whilst keeping it simple for you to use and engaging for your customer to receive, resulting in increased lead conversion, sales, upsells and CSI’s.

Create Trust & Transparency between you and your customers

With proven lead conversion of up to 7% and watch rates of up to 70%, Snapcell video creates trust and transparency between your dealership and your customers by humanizing all of your messages.

Take the effort out of texting and emailing impersonal messages and show your personality and what your dealership has to offer. With affective interactive templates the customer can connect with you easier than ever!

Snapcell Video Features

In-App editing

Snapcell technology empowers you to create engaging and captivating videos whilst keeping you at ease. Stop/start smart usage allows you to transition clips, gives you time to take a breath and focus on your selling points without the irrelevant footage you’ll find on constant record.

Import clips from library

We understand how busy a day can get. Our autostitch feature enables you to simply grab a pre recorded video from the app or your device and clip it to your existing video!

Send video directly through the app

Send to either your customers cell or email, or even better, both. To increase outreach and customer satisfaction. When they receive a Snapcell they will view your message on a professional template, see more pictures, vehicle spec, save your details, interact with CTA’s and click through to e-commerce gateways and more!

User alerted via push notification when customer watches video

Our ingenious reporting notifies you when a video has been watched so you can jump on a follow up quickly. We will also let you now how many times a video has been viewed, if any sms message has followed, how many videos have been sent next to your dealerships inventory. Whilst management reporting measures all the rest!

How can Snapcell Video Help Your Dealership


Sales Executive

Swap out emailing and text messages with appealing video messages. Create engaging walk arounds, confirmation of appointments, sales updates, follow ups, thank you for your business and introduction to service videos.

Business manager

Who doesn’t like to hear from a Manager when making a purchase, let alone seeing one. Deliver your messages with ease through every part of the customer cycle.

Technician/Service Advisor

Showing a customer repair versus talking about a customer repair increases urgency which in turn increases upsell and hours with transparency. Snapcell fits perfectly in to your current processes.

BDC Agents

Record a welcome message and humanize your first interaction. Grab a pre recorded video of the vehicle of interest to spark the customers interest before your competition does.

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Video Stats


90% of customers say video helps them make a buying decision


80% of customers who browsed for vehicles online think that offering video displays on a website reflects well on the dealer's reputation.


64% of buyers want extensive vehicle photos and data, along with effective search tools.


Can You Send The Video By Text?
Videos can be sent by Text (SMS) and or email, or both if you like!
How Is Snapcell Different From My Staff Sending A Video Link From Their Own Phone?

Snapcell sends from a TCPA-compliant SMS number we register for your dealership. Notifications automatically connect the Snapcell user to the customer. All activity is measured with customized reporting and tracked through your CRM.

Are You Notified When Someone Has Viewed The Video?
View notifications are sent to alert the user that the customer has viewed the video.
Can You Make A Video With No Internet?

Yes, the video recorded will be sent to your customer once an internet connection is established.

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More Solutions


Hassle-free and made within seconds, Snapcell have introduced innovative technology so you can create a walkaround video of a vehicle, without the physical walkaround!

Video Testimonials

Build automatic video reviews to your website, a library of testimonials to post to social channels or use them to show your future customers. Our QR generator will have you covered to use video testimonials for any posters you want to use in your dealership too!


Increase your speed to sales with your dealership’s inventory feed with every video you send. Remove additional conversations and deliver the vehicle specification, pictures along with your video and enhance your customer experience even further.