Partner Spotlight: Celebrating Gator Ford – Increasing Sales By 28% with Video!

Sep 14, 2023

We recently sat down with Darius Carson, the New Car Leader at Gator Ford, to chat about how they’ve increased sales by a whopping 28% with personalized video outreach. Here’s what he had to say:

Darius, how long have you been using Snapcell and what initially attracted you to the platform? 

Darius: The platform is great. I’m gonna start saying that. 

What initially attracted me to the platform was it was a different viewpoint for my sales staff to have them engage with the customers better, honestly. And it’s the way to go. It’s the future of the business for us in car sales. I like the product a lot. 

Could you share some specific examples of how Snapcell has improved your communication and engagement with customers?

Darius: Yup. It has upped our sales by 28%. We went from an 8% closing ratio with the internet to about 12 to 13%. My sales guys love using the platform and continuously say that they have a new perspective now how to interact with customers via videos. Their engagement went up from two engagements a day to now seven and that’s a lot. And we’re pretty much a small store. So, to go off from two engagements to seven, it’s a big jump, a big jump. Helped us out tremendously actually. 

What features or functionalities of Snapcell do you find most valuable? 

Darius: The most valuable functionality to us honestly is video because customers see it via text right away. It’s very user-friendly as well, giving them a quick way to either text back, call us or send us an email. 

Autoresponders are awesome too. We have customers calling in and saying, “hey, can I speak to Darius? He’s the guy in the video that I just got.” So, I like that feeling, knowing that they actually opened up the video and then they asked for you personally because they saw your video. 

Gator Ford

How easy or intuitive is it to integrate Snapcell into your existing workflows? 

Darius: Actually, it works pretty well. It’s easy to use. 

You download the app, you open the app, you see the orange button, and hit record. 

You start talking, introduce yourself. You show the vehicle, you introduce yourself again and invite people down. So, it’s actually one, two, three, easy steps. Very functional. 

Looking ahead, how do you envision Snapcell continuing to support your communication and marketing efforts? 

Darius: Using Snapcell for existing customers, follow up for anniversary videos, three month sold follow up, six month sold follow up, and then one year follow up as well. To say “Hey, thanks for being part of our Gator Ford family. It’s been one year, just letting you know, hey, I’m still available for you. Give me a call.” We look forward to using this more moving into the future. 

Gator Ford is a prime example of how innovation and dedication can transform the auto dealership experience. By implementing Snapcell, they have been able to provide a more personalized, engaging experience for their customers, ultimately leading to higher sales and retention rates. We are thrilled to celebrate their success and hope this inspires other dealers to take advantage of the power of video in their own businesses. Thank you, Gator Ford, for being a standout partner and for your commitment to excellence!

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