Snapcell Strategy Session – September Edition

Sep 14, 2023

Welcome to September’s Strategy Sessions with Snapcell. Let’s talk about walk around videos.

Some of the most common objections I’ve heard from sales ambassadors as to why they don’t send walk around videos are:

  • I don’t have time to shoot a video.
  • I’m too busy, the vehicle is off site, and I have to go find it.
  • The vehicle is dirty and I need to get it detailed.

Let’s make it easy for your sales teams to send walk around videos along with the intro and outro in under two minutes.

One of the easiest ways to streamline this process is by getting your inventory photographers to create a 30 to 45 second preview of the vehicle.

Have them highlight 3 to 4 key features on the exterior and then a glimpse of a clean interior.

Your inventory photographer can shoot these preview walk arounds on an Android or iPhone while they shoot imagery for your dealer website.

Once they’re finished, they simply need to mark the video as shareable and then the rest of your sales team has access to a perfectly detailed car and a professionally shot video.

We’ve now overcome all the major objections of why your sales person doesn’t have time to create a walk around video.

Now, your sales team is only responsible for creating a very brief intro and then stitching the walk around video in and then creating an outro video and making sure to provide clear next steps in the sales journey.

If your team can follow this methodology, then they’ll be able to send the perfect first quality response every single time in under two minutes.

Thanks for tuning in to September’s Strategy Sessions with Snapcell.

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