Using Personal Video In The Car Sales Process

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In this digital age, car shoppers can easily find True Market Value, competitive sticker prices and national inventory online. All this means that car sales have become less about which dealership offers the best price and more about which salesperson the car buyer likes best.

So, how do you stand out amongst the noise of other sales people competing for the same customer? You need to be different and be able to show that you are a trustworthy person and not just a stereotypical Mr Wormwood (from Matilda).

The best way to do this is to introduce Video Relationship Management software into certain steps of the car sales process. An app like SnapCell can seamlessly integrate into the traditional sales process and provide the added value of establishing a personal connection before meeting the customer face-to-face.


When a general enquiry comes into the dealership, often the course of action is to try and phone the customer (if they’ve left a number) or send them an email.

With Video Relationship Management software in place, you can send a personalized video which addresses them in a friendly manner and answers their question.

Using this method is one of the best ways to make yourself unforgettable. If the customer is sending Inquiries into a number of different dealerships, they are sure to remember the salesperson that sent them a video instead of a bog-standard email reply.

Studies have shown that over half of emails sent are misinterpreted because we often overestimate our ability to properly convey emotion and tone in our writing. By sending a video to the customer, you eliminate this risk and save yourself the time of trying to write a perfectly crafted email.


If a customer sends in an Inquiry for a specific vehicle, you already know that they are a warmer prospect and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

As well as sending a personalized message to introduce yourself, you can get the keys to the car, position it in a nice location and make a walk-around video.

This adds extra value to the images that are already on the website and demonstrates your knowledge of the vehicle. You can focus on features that aren’t necessarily highlighted in the vehicle’s description and start building a relationship with the customer.

At the end of the video you can add bespoke calls to action by giving them your personal email address and direct line so they can get in contact with you to book a test drive or an appointment.


Not everyone does all of their research online, some customers still like to visit a dealership to see vehicles that are physically in stock. Unless they find the perfect car, chances are that they aren’t quite ready to buy yet, but they are definitely in the market.

If they’ve paid a visit to your dealership, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ve also been into some of your neighbors. In order to leave a lasting impression, you can send them a personalized video thanking them for their time earlier.

The video message also gives you the chance to recap everything you were talking about and address any concerns they have. This demonstrates that you value them as a potential customer and you were listening to what they had to say.

When it comes to making a decision of who to buy from, they are far more likely to come back to the person that delivered a personalized service, made them feel important and didn’t treat them as just another customer that walked through the door.


Once the customer has signed on the dotted line and the keys have been handed over, you can send a personalized video thanking them for their custom.

At this point, you should know how they like to be addressed, whether it’s by their first name or ‘Mr Smith’, for example. By using this salutation at the start of your message, it enforces the personal relationship that you have.

The end of the video is the perfect opportunity to direct them to a review site that the dealership uses (e.g. Feefo, Google or Facebook). Sometimes this can seem a bit abrupt or pushy in an email, but with a face-to-face video it will come across more naturally, so you’re more likely to have a higher success rate.

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