How to get the most out of LinkedIn using SnapCell as a Car Dealer

Mar 29, 2022


There’s no denying it, the automotive industry is drastically changing. From selling techniques to the way businesses are communicating with one another, developments in technology are undoubtedly having a huge impact on the sector. And social media is no exception, with online networking platforms fast becoming one of the most common marketing tools used by automotive businesses. Of course that comes as no surprise with recent statistics showing that 75 percent of car buyers admit to using internet research, including social media before purchasing their next vehicle. 

One of the latest social media networks growing in popularity is LinkedIn, with car dealerships quickly starting to tap into the multiple opportunities that the platform offers. Isn’t LinkedIn just a quick way to find your next job? Traditionally, yes, LinkedIn was used as a digital recruitment tool but nowadays, it offers so much more, including a place for users to engage with potential leads, connect with friends, reach out to influencers and liaise with fellow businesses. What’s more, with a growing network of more than 810 million members worldwide, and 176 million of those from across America, gone are the days of LinkedIn being strictly a place for recruitment or B2B companies. There’s no doubt about it, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular as a networking tool and if your dealership isn’t yet utilizing it, then it’s time to start.

Whether you’re a social media novice or an experienced poster, here are our top tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn by using SnapCell app. And before we start, it’s worth noting that video is considered highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm, which means posting videos gives you a better chance of getting your brand seen on a person’s feed.

Drive revenue by showing off your stock

Just like other social media channels, LinkedIn is a great place for car dealers to propel sales by showing off the vehicles you have in stock. Let’s be honest, all dealers need to be marketing their stock and while it’s easy to connect with local customers, the power of digital makes it easier than ever for dealerships to engage with wider audiences. 

Remember, behind LinkedIn users are real people – or, in other words, a potential lead. Make the most of the visibility your dealership can gain and the wide audience you can reach using LinkedIn, by posting clear, professional-quality video content showcasing the cars you have available.

How to use SnapCell to help sell stock on LinkedIn:

  • Create walk-around clips of popular stock, honing in on specific features
  • Give customers a sneaky peek into your dealership, bridging the gap between your physical premises and your digital audience
  • Shine the spotlight on a vehicle, giving users an exclusive first glance at the latest stock available

Whatever product you’re promoting, you want your audience to watch it and get really excited about it. Remember to end each video with a call to action, to make sure you’re making the most of the opportunities that come with each post.

Position your dealership as industry experts

What makes LinkedIn different from fellow social media platforms, is it gives your dealership the opportunity to position yourself as industry experts. If you’re clever with your posting, you’ll become the dealership users go to if they’re looking to get their hands on a new car, researching vehicles, or needing industry advice. Ideally, you want to be a trusted, reliable and credible source of information on LinkedIn, so bear that in mind when posting and looking at building your digital reputation.

How to prove yourselves as industry experts using the SnapCell app:

  • Stay on top of current industry news and create videos of you or your staff commenting on them. Create a buzz and encourage engagement by discussing topics that your audiences will want to hear about, whether that’s industry developments, brand new car features, and event recaps. 
  • Create videos that show your team answering regularly asked questions.
  • Capture the knowledge and expertise of your service department by posting videos of your technicians:
    • These could be five things to look for from a technician’s point of view when buying a car.
    • The technician could give their top maintenance tips for drivers, aiming to get the most out of their vehicle, enhancing their driving experience, or staying safe on the roads.
    • Create how-to videos, with technicians providing easy-to-follow demonstrations for drivers – even the things that you consider simple, like how to refill your car oil yourself.  

Simply put, you want to be posting content that makes your page one that will be viewed often and be the trusted place for customers wanting to buy their next vehicle or service. 

Create a video demo or virtual test drive

Although it’s unlikely that a virtual test drive will totally replace the in-person test driving experience, it’s a great way to engage with customers and begin that initial interaction with leads.

A top tip from us to use SnapCell to create a professional-looking test drive, before sharing it on LinkedIn. Encourage discussion between your dealership and other industry professionals, prompt potential leads to comment, and invite customers into your dealership for a physical test drive. 

Tell your story

Simply put, people are nosey and whether they admit it or not, they want to hear your story. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform for building relationships between your dealership and customers and connecting with fellow industry professionals.

Give your dealership personality, character, and add a new depth to your automotive business by creating videos that tell your story. They can be videos discussing the history of your dealership, how your business began, or comparing then to now. All of these offer more than a simple update while helping to boost your brand and nurture relationships with your connections.

LinkedIn video ad campaigns

As well as creating raw content, to really optimize your LinkedIn platform, you should consider running paid-for video adverts – especially if your organic content is doing well. 

LinkedIn Ads are ideal for all budgets and goals while giving your dealership the opportunity to target potential customers or industry professionals depending on specific criteria like job title, location, and interests. In fact, running regular campaigns throughout the calendar year is a must, and weaving video content into these is vital for dealerships wanting to get ahead of their competition. 

Alternatively, it might be that one of your organic video posts is doing well but you might want to put some money behind it to increase the reach or get a few more eyes on that specific clip. If this is the case, there is the option to simply promote that post. 

A top tip from us if you are exploring advertising on LinkedIn, then test your adverts regularly to ensure you’re hitting your goals and targets.

Tips for creating video content

Make sure you include a strong description

Although the main focus of your post will ideally be your video, it’s essential that you provide a strong description. Keep it short – around 150 or so characters – but be sure to include one, as statistics show around 50 percent of viewers always read the caption alongside a video.

Create videos that can be viewed without sound

With up to 85 percent of social media videos watched without any sound, it’s worth trying to create videos that can be viewed in silence. Don’t let this put you off recording clips of your staff speaking though – just be sure to add captions, so viewers can watch without sound.

Choose the right video length

According to LinkedIn, the most successful video ads are less than 15 seconds long but that can vary when discussing raw content:

  • For sales/brand awareness videos stick to between 30 seconds – 90 seconds.
  • For longer videos designed to tell a story, consider longer clips. If your video has a strong narrative, longer footage can be just as successful as a shorter clip.

Optimize your videos for mobile viewing

With more than half of LinkedIn engagement via mobile, it’s essential that your videos can be watched by those using a mobile device. 

You can do this by using the correct format, so ensuring your video is of a high-quality and can be orientated to fit a small screen. The great thing about using SnapCell is the app seamlessly integrates with your social media channels, which means your staff can add video content to your platform at the simple click of a button. 

Use SnapCell to ensure your videos are professional

Above everything else, it’s vital that the videos you’re posting on LinkedIn are always professional. 

Despite LinkedIn evolving, at the roots of the platform is a network of professionals, looking for professional-looking content. And in short, posting poor-quality videos simply isn’t good enough.

The promise of high-quality content comes seamlessly for SnapCell users. While there are clearly multiple benefits to using video marketing on LinkedIn, the success of your posts and adverts will depend on the quality of your videos. Designed with the automotive industry in mind, SnapCell makes it easier than ever for professionals to create and post content at the simple click of a button. Schedule your free demo today.

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