How to win more video testimonials from your customers

Aug 2, 2021

If you’re not already doing what you can to gain authentic video testimonials from customers, then why not? Positive testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to encourage customers to shop with you and better still, generate sales at your car dealership. The best thing about testimonials is that as a business owner, you can pick and choose which ones you want your audience to see, unlike reviews, which are out of your control. Testimonials not only help with customer engagement, but they can help boost brand awareness of your car dealership.

Simply put, customers are more frequently seeking reassurance from fellow shoppers before they make a purchase. After all, who better to sell your services and products to future customers, than your current happy shoppers? What’s more, with the world we live in becoming more digital, customers are actively looking for that reassurance online. So, why stop at written testimonials? Take things up a gear by creating video versions. That’s the goal but how to get customers to be part of a video testimonial, that’s the challenge. With videoing at the heart of what we do here at SnapCell, our team of experts is here to help car dealerships win more video testimonials from their customers.

Choose the customers that really love your service

We’ve already established it’s not going to be necessarily easy to persuade customers to provide you with video testimonials, so why make things harder for yourself by approaching unhappy customers?

The whole point in testimonials is to shout about the fantastic work of your car dealership. So, it’s a no-brainer: approach the customers who think your work is fantastic. If it’s clear that a shopper already appreciates your services, then you’re halfway there. Not only will it be easier to approach this customer but the testimonial they give will also be a lot better, as the information they give will be genuine and authentic.

Remember, whenever you’re approaching customers to record a testimonial, it’s important to highlight the reasons behind you asking. Show customers why video testimonials are so valuable and explain how much they will benefit your dealership.

Call and ask

If you’re struggling to find willing customers to take part in video testimonials, then take things back to basics and simply pick up the phone. Call customers who you know have good things to say about your dealership and ask them nicely if they would be willing to create a video testimonial for you. While some might be flattered by you approaching them, some will also say no. Make sure you don’t get offended if customers refuse to take part and definitely don’t show them that you are annoyed, after all, the last thing you want to do here, is lose valuable and loyal customers.

While an incentive isn’t always necessary, you might want to consider offering one, like a gift card or exclusive discount, to willing customers in return for a testimonial.

Contact the good reviewers

It’s important to remember, reviews and testimonials are not the same. That said, keeping an eye on your reviews can definitely help you identify customers who might be likely to create a video testimonial for you. After all, if they’ve already gone out of their way to write a positive review for you, then they clearly value the services you offer.

Consider reaching out to those who have left a five-star review by emailing them. Again, if budget allows, it might be a good idea to offer some sort of incentive here by way of encouragement.

Approach recent buyers

Make it part of your dealership’s after-sale strategy by following up with recent buyers, to see if they would be willing to create a video testimonial. Give customers a few weeks after they have made a purchase or received a service at your dealership, then contact them either via email or phone. The benefit of contacting this group of customers is their value as recent customers, meaning you will be fresh in their minds. Again, an incentive never hurts, so feel to offer one.

Offers and giveaways

Who doesn’t like a freebie? If there’s an attractive giveaway up for grabs in return for a video testimonial, then you’re definitely likely to see a rise in willing customers.

There are a few ways you can do this. The first is to launch some sort of competition or raffle, with a generous prize on offer, for example, a $500 voucher for your dealership. Customers will be entered in return for a video testimonial, it’s that simple.

Alternatively, you could offer multiple smaller giveaways, like an exclusive discount code, for everyone who sends you a video testimonial.

Make the ask via social media

If your dealership is active on social media, then make the ask across your channels. You might use your social platforms to target recent buyers or previous customers in general, or perhaps even promote the prize giveaway we’ve mentioned. Whatever you’re asking and whoever you’re directing the ask at, be sure to take advantage of using social media as a tool to engage with customers.

It goes without saying that your social media channels are a great platform to showcase the testimonials you receive too, plus, you never know, seeing a video of other customers singing the praises of your dealership, might also encourage fellow shoppers to do the same.

Make it easy for the customer

The key to winning over as many customers as possible is to make creating video testimonials appear easy and hassle-free. Ultimately, the less effort it seems for the customers, the more inviting it will be for them to take part.

Engage with customers while they are at the dealership or arrange for them to visit at a time that suits them. Relieve them from any pressures, worries, or concerns they might be feeling about filming, editing, and creating the video themselves by suggesting you do it for them. Plus, this way, you’re in control of the filming, which means you’re guaranteed to get the clip you’re after, especially if you use readily available tools like SnapCell. Designed with the automotive industry in mind, the user-friendly SnapCell app can be easily accessed by any staff member you’d like. This means that by simply pushing the button on their smartphone, your employees can stitch together a professional-looking customer testimonial in just a few minutes. Not only will this be a weight lifted off the customers’ shoulders because they don’t need to create the video themselves, but your team is guaranteed to look like super professional videographers. It’s a win, win.

Of course, some customers might want to take part but don’t necessarily feel comfortable speaking to the camera on their own. In this case, why not offer to interview them instead? Ask them a few simple questions to prompt the answers you’re looking for. You’ll find that by giving customers an alternative, you’ll make them feel more relaxed and open to recording a video.

Don’t force content

Whether they’re able to come into the dealership and be filmed by your team, or are producing a video themselves, it’s important to remember take into consideration, our top tips for creating the ideal clip.

First of all, remember to keep it real, so don’t worry if the testimonial isn’t completely perfect. We can’t stress this enough: testimonials are meant to be authentic and raw. It doesn’t matter if there is the odd ‘um’ or ‘ah’ in there. Advise the customer to just be themselves and remind them that you’ve asked them for a testimonial because you want to hear what they have to say. Don’t try and force any of the content. A successful video testimonial must be believable and emotional, two elements that you certainly won’t get from customers reading from a script. Plus, a viewer will be able to see straight through a scripted piece, so you’re best to stay clear of trying to manipulate what is said on screen.

Remember, you need to be able to see the customer’s face, so capturing their head and shoulders is ideal. Make sure the area is well-lit but not overly bright, or else you’re in danger of the person getting lost in the shadows.

Finally, go somewhere relatively quiet to film. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of background noise but please stay clear of anything loud. Simply put, if you can’t hear what the customer is saying, it defeats the point of the video.

There are so many ways for your dealership to win more video testimonials from customers, above all though, remember to be polite, ask nicely, and do as much of the hard work for customers as you can. Using the SnapCell app not only makes it easier for the customer to record a testimonial but thanks to its user-friendly software, it enables your employees to easily create professional-looking videos seamlessly, at the touch of a button. Videos can then be used on your website or social media channels, allowing you to build out a campaign and help turn more of your audience into customers. So, if you’re wanting to drive sales by gaining more video testimonials, then get in touch with the team of experts at SnapCell.

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