A Guide to Dealer 20 Groups

Jun 19, 2020

Dealer 20 Group Meeting

Thinking about joining a Dealer 20 Group? Want to know more about the benefits and how the program works? Here we explore why so many dealerships choose to join a group and whether (or not) it could be the right move for your business.

What is a Dealer Twenty Group?

A dealer 20 group is a small network of 12 to 20 automotive dealers with similar size operations and business models. Dealers within the same group don’t operate in the same market areas, so group members can be considered allies rather than competitors. Groups tend to meet three times a year to share ideas, best practices, successes, failures and financial data.

What’s actually involved?

As part of meetings, a NADA or NIADA (for independents) consultant and a chairman, appointed by group members, will lead the agenda and discussions. Dealer principals and general managers will
share advice and learnings with fellow group members to accelerate their knowledge. But members are not just part of an audience. The idea is for each group member to give something back. Discussion topics may include vehicle inventory, reconditioning, ageing stock, marketing, policies, procedures and more.

Is it right for my business?

Joining a dealer 20 group is a commitment. It takes time out of a potentially busy schedule to travel to and attend group meetings and build relationships. Not all business owners feel comfortable sharing financial data with other businesses, and this can take some getting used to, but more often than not, dealers find that the benefits outweigh their concerns. Members expect a good return on investment, not just of the cost but also their time. Building a band of allies that know your industry, market and challenges can be invaluable to building a more successful, more profitable business.

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