Best Vehicle Display Page (VDP) Designs

Jul 13, 2020Tips & Tricks

VDP Mock Up Design

Your Vehicle Display Pages are your most powerful sales tool on your entire website. The quality of the pages and information provided directly influence the buyer’s decision as to whether to purchase their next car with yourself or your competitor. 

What makes a great VDP?

The best VDPs are made up of a combination of strong visuals, information-rich and accurate content, and a mixture of media that suits all buyers and their preferences. Not forgetting an enticing call-to-action that drives users to get in touch with you. Buyers need plenty of detail, but it needs to be displayed in a simple, easy-to-digest way. The user’s experience should be at the forefront of your design, with the most critical details appearing above the fold. With 62% of automotive traffic stemming from mobile devices, dealers shouldn’t neglect how this information appears on mobile, either.

High-quality imagery is focal to any lead-driving design, but video and 360-degree spin displays are just as important. In fact, 80% of customers who browsed for vehicles online think that offering 360-degree spin displays on a website reflects well on the dealer’s reputation. Snap360 is SnapCell’s latest initiative, allowing customers to view any part of a vehicle from any angle.

Can I get Snap360 added to my VDP?

Yes. Snap360 is compatible with all leading VDP software providers. The implementation by your provider should be straight-forward and simple. The SnapCell team are on hand to support both you and your chosen website software provider.

Which software providers supply the best VDP designs?

Choosing a VDP provider is a tough decision that shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly. Here, we list and explore our top three providers and our favorite stand-out qualities.


In under three seconds, DealerOn claims it provides customers with everything they need to know about a vehicle, including what it looks like, how much it costs, and what they’re getting for their money. Its VDPs offer a mixture of media, serving customers at various stages of the purchase cycle.


Not only do GForces focus on the user journey and conversion of its VDPs, but also their Google performance. GForces use structured data known as Schema, to mark up all key information, allowing it to be pulled through to Google’s search results. This creates enticing Google results that encourage prospective customers to click through to your VDPs.

Dealer eProcess

Boasting the largest photo size of any VDP in the industry, Dealer eProcess features all the qualities of a great Vehicle Detail Page, with a particular focus on imagery. With up to 877 pixels wide, the software is fully responsive and the images adapt proportionately to the size of the device you’re using.

To find out more about what SnapCell has to offer, get in touch with our professional and knowledgeable team. Free demos are available on both Snap360 and SnapCell’s other features.

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