Best Car Dealer Inventory Management Software

May 29, 2020Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a small, independent car dealership or a large multi-location group, inventory management is an important part of dealer operations. A strong car dealer inventory management software system allows you to list multiple vehicles, in a professional and attractive fashion, in minutes. For the few that are starting to sell online, a good platform also prevents slip-ups like selling the same used car twice. While most Dealer Management Systems will have inventory management software included, we explore this vital component in isolation and help to to identify the best inventory management software on the market.

Provision and Conquest from vAuto

vAuto offers two solutions. The right one for your dealership will depend on whether you’re selling used cars only or both new and used.

Provision is the name of vAuto’s used inventory platform and provides live market insight on vehicle demand and pricing. Real-time data is used to show fluctuations in the competition’s pricing for each vehicle, guiding dealers to a suitable price point in minutes. Sales data from AutoTrader and Manheim is converted into valuable and visual insight, which we love, allowing car dealers to understand exactly what inventory is needed. Once identified, Provision identifies auctions across the US that stock your required models. Model listings are also pushed out to other vehicle marketplaces, including AutoTrader and at a click of a button.

vAuto’s new car inventory merchandiser is the ideal partner to its used equivalent. Conquest provides dealers with demand insight, drilling down to color, engine size and more. Dealers can view competitor prices, as well as any manufacturer offers in real-time.

NetDirector Stock from GForces

NetDirector Stock is an intelligent and easy-to-use car dealer inventory management software solution that allows dealers to customise target fields, so that dealers can show the information they want. By feeding your listing to more than eight different automotive marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, AutoTrader, Car Gurus and eBay, NetDirector Stock takes the clutter out of inventory management.

Imports to your website are run over 1,000 times daily, which is impressive and ensures stock is always up to date. Exports, which push your listings out to third-party marketplaces, happen over 550 times daily. The simple dashboard allows dealers to easily see which models have been live for longer periods, helping you to decipher when an aged used exit strategy is needed.

Furthermore, if used car photography isn’t your forte, you can opt for an alternative background. The outcome is surprisingly professional and authentic looking.

Control Center from’s Control Center is another powerful merchandising tool providing centralized insight into every vehicle on your lot. The software comes with an intuitive app that allows dealers to scan the VIN of your inventory and seamlessly upload the vehicle, all from your mobile phone.

The Incentives Manager feature finds any manufacturer or program-wide offers and incentives, and translates these directly into your listings. Plus, you only need to make the adjustment once before ​your website, paid search, and display ads are all updated immediately.

Your car dealer inventory management software should be a key consideration when choosing a Dealer Management System. Ensure any potential providers are showing you the full package in a detailed demonstration and don’t rush into lengthy contracts, unless you’re absolutely comfortable with the platform.

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