8 Tips on Creating Dealership Videos

Jan 23, 2023

Videos are an excellent way for automobile sales reps and marketers to promote their dealerships. Well-made videos give potential customers an inside look into the business and help build trust and increase engagement. However, creating an effective video can be tricky, especially if the sales representatives are unsure where to start. To begin, automobile sales representatives should research the types of dealership videos used in automotive video marketing and how to engage with potential customers through intriguing and compelling videos. Here are other tips on creating dealership videos that sales reps can use to get people talking about their brand.

Have a Clear Goal

Before starting filming, it’s important to have a clear goal for the video. Is the sales rep trying to promote a new product and service or highlighting customer testimonials? Knowing the purpose of the video will help guide the production process and ensure that the finished product is impactful and successful.

Keep It Short

Most viewers don’t want to sit through long, drawn-out videos when they could skim through something more concise. Aim to keep each video under two minutes. Viewers may lose interest or become disengaged from the content if they are any longer.

Incorporate Visuals

Automobile sales reps should ensure their videos are visually stimulating as possible to engage viewers and draw their attention when using dealership video marketing. Incorporating visuals such as photos, graphics, animations, or music can make your videos stand out, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Include a Call-to-Action

Adding a strong call-to-action at the end of each video is key for driving conversions and increasing sales. Invite viewers to visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter; this will help create brand awareness and encourage people to take action after watching your videos.

Use Attention-Grabbing Title and Thumbnails

The title of the video should communicate what potential viewers will learn from watching it and be creative enough to catch their attention. Similarly, the thumbnail image should be eye-catching and relevant to the video content. Taking the time to craft a compelling title and thumbnail will help capture the attention of potential customers in the crowded market of online videos. It will also help ensure the success of the employed automotive digital retailing strategy.

Utilize High-Quality Video Production

High-quality audio and visuals are essential when creating videos, especially when producing a dealership video. Investing in high-quality cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software will ensure the videos look professional and polished. Additionally, professional voiceover artists or on-camera talent can help create a more polished aesthetic overall.

Add Your Logo and Contact Information

When creating a dealership video, you want potential customers to remember who produced it and how they can contact you afterwards. Make sure your logo is visible—preferably in multiple places throughout the video—and include your contact information at the end of each clip (including the website or phone number). That way, viewers know exactly how they can get in touch with you if they need further assistance or have questions about what they saw in your video.

Track Your Videos

After publishing a video, it is crucial to track its performance online. Automobile sales reps should ensure they review important metrics such as the number of social interactions earned and the average time people spend watching the video. They must also check customers’ actions after watching the video and the comments they leave. With the help of customized car dealer software, automobile sales reps can track the progress of their videos effectively, and they can then use the data they get to make better decisions for their next videos.

Benefits of Creating Dealership Videos

Increased Visibility

A well-made dealership video can help a sales team stand out from the competition and increase its visibility on the web. By sharing their video content with potential customers, they will get more eyes on their business. Sales reps can also use these videos to attract potential customers through search engines like Google or Bing by optimizing them for specific keywords. This will ensure that potential customers find them easily when they conduct a search related to their products and services.

Improved Engagement

Video is a much more engaging medium than text or images alone, and it can help give viewers an inside look at what makes a car dealership business unique. By creating interesting and informative videos about their products or services, automobile sales reps can create a connection with viewers, encouraging them to take action when they’re ready. Additionally, placing the video on YouTube and other social media platforms will allow them to interact directly with viewers who comment on it or share it with their friends. They can also use used car dealer software to increase engagement and sales.

More Clients

Creating dealership videos is an excellent way to showcase what sets a brand apart from the competition and attract more clients. A well-produced video will paint a good picture of the company’s capabilities, giving prospective clients a better understanding of how that particular company can meet their needs. It also helps establish trust between the brand and potential clients as they get an idea of who they’re dealing with before they make any commitments.

Strengthened Brand Identity

Videos are a powerful tool for strengthening brand identity and building trust in the minds of consumers. Through creative visuals and engaging stories, people can form a greater connection with a car brand when watching videos than by reading text alone. Dealership videos should have a consistent look and feel that matches up with all other aspects of the branding efforts to ensure continuity across multiple channels where potential customers may find them.


Creating a compelling dealership video doesn’t have to be challenging. Follow these simple tips above, and the results should show. Having a clear goal before filming, keeping it short, incorporating visuals throughout, and including a strong call-to-action at the end will help ensure that the videos are engaging and impactful.

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