Vinsolutions Video Integration | SnapCell

Connect CRM was created by VinSolutions to address the challenge of shrinking margins for dealers struggling to meet sales and profitability targets, while simultaneously creating a personalized and positive customer experience that builds retention.

SnapCell’s integration with Connect CRM is not just a simple inbox integration that gets lost in a busy email account. 

Instead, SnapCell users can benefit from:

  • Video Tracking – visibility of when the video was sent, who sent the video and when the video has been watched are all recorded against each customer.
  • Video Links – a link for every video sent to a customer is automatically created and saved on their record.
  • Monitoring Actions – any actions that the video receives are recorded.


Using SnapCell alongside VinSolutions CRM provides a comprehensive understanding of how customers are interacting with videos. Armed with this crucial insight, dealers are able to tailor targeted and personalized follow-up campaigns to ensure every customer interaction counts.

The implementation of SnapCell, the fastest growing video relationship management software in the U.S. into VinSolutions Connect CRM system, provides a fresh, modern and powerful approach to customer retention and relationship management.

For more information about integrating SnapCell with VinSolutions CRM or how we can improve the relationships you have with your customers, simply request a demo below.

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