Video Relationship Management Software Is Bringing Customers Back To The Forecourt

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The car buying journey has evolved over the past decade, let alone since the turn of the millennium, and even before that. Recent consumer research of 1,000 car buyers found that 54% of customers expect to visit a dealership as part of their research process of buying a new car. This is up from just 48% that were asked the same question in 2010.

The way that car buyers want to interact and the type of content they’re consuming is changing and dealerships need to change with them to avoid being left behind. A quarter of people surveyed were interested in online video reviews and 67% wanted video included as part of the purchase process.

Video relationship management software, like SnapCell, allows dealers to send personalised videos to potential customers helping them to build greater levels of trust and bridge the gap between the online and offline experience. Car buyers no longer have to rely on the word of a dealer in a newspaper ad or a description given over the phone.

Personalised videos are helping to change the stereotypical perceptions of a car dealership by allowing the sales staff to interact with the customer in a pressure-free and non-sales environment. Video is able to show the car from all different angles including any imperfections which demonstrates transparency, openness and honesty. If there’s anything that the customer wants to know or specifically see, this can be included in the video.

The consumer research suggests that a customer is more likely to come to the forecourt – either for a pre-arranged appointment or out-of-the-blue – if they’ve been sent a personalised video. What’s more, they’re likely to be more relaxed about the experience because they will already know what their salesperson looks like. The physical visit to the dealership is mostly about taking the car for a test drive and confirming that it’s the car they want to buy.

In addition, dealerships that are using video relationship management software have recorded a marked increase in customer satisfaction ratings. Personalised videos can be used throughout the sales process: as an introductory tool, to answer any ongoing questions and to thank the customer for their business once the car has been handed over.

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