Using Videos For Car Sales Training

Mar 26, 2019


What is the best way to train and develop a new sales trainee? Variety. They need to be exposed to a range of different teaching and learning methods to be as effective as possible at their new job.

That involves observing current members of the sales team, learning about the vehicles your dealership sells by reading online information, exploring the vehicles and digesting video content.

The idea of creating personal training videos isn’t a new one, but the way video is used in the sales process is relatively fresh.

Creating A Personal Training Video

Every dealership is different in terms of the way they deal with enquiries, customers and aftersales. While it is important to have those processes written down so that they can be referred back to, you could also create a video that is bespoke for your dealership.

One way of doing this is to get the best sales person on camera to demonstrate different aspects of the sales process and overcoming objections. This can be done in a controlled environment with another member of staff playing the role of the customer.

You can envisage a number of different scenarios that the new sales trainee is likely to experience and how you, as a dealership, would ideally like them to be dealt with.

Incorporating Personal Video Into Car Sales Training

As part of the training process, you could also ask the new sales trainee to create their own personalised videos for dummy enquiries at different stages of the sales process.

They would need to identify the type of enquiry and the stage of the buying process the potential customer is in.

By completing this activity, they would get used to interacting with a camera, addressing the customer in a friendly and informal way, and it will naturally become part of their sales process.

As a manager or trainer, these videos will give you a measure of how well they’re developing into the role of a salesperson within your dealership. It will also give you the opportunity to offer constructive criticism to guide them in the right direction.


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