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Sep 27, 2021SnapCell

Did you know that when you watch a video, you retain 95 percent of that information, versus the 10 percent your brain retains when you read text? It’s hardly a surprise that using video is fast becoming one of the most powerful and popular marketing tools to be used in today’s automotive industry. Whether it’s engaging with potential customers, or communicating with loyal shoppers, videoing is one of the best ways to deliver your dealership’s key messages and ultimately, drive those all-important sales. That said, we know how overwhelming and daunting the idea of creating videos can be. After all, while you know your stuff when it comes to cars, you might not be an expert in taking a professional video. Do you know what the answer is? SnapCell. The great thing about SnapCell is, it’s made specifically with car industry professionals, just like you, in mind. Our team recognizes just how busy you are. We appreciate that you simply don’t have the capacity to spend hours mastering the art of taking a quality video, resulting in a clip that might only last a few minutes. The SnapCell app enables your team to easily record videos at just the push of a button. Using SnapCell saves you time and ensures you humanize engagement with customers, while increasing sales.

Create the perfect video

But how can SnapCell really help to take things up a gear at your dealership? The app comes with a whole host of fantastic features but here are our top five, that we think you should be using now, to make sure your dealership is in the driving seat this fall.

SnapCell Live

If your dealership isn’t live streaming yet, then what are you waiting for? It’s 2021 and live streaming is quickly transforming industries across the country, you need to jump onboard this fast-growing trend.

While 21st century customers have always prioritized convenience when it comes to buying, the need for a seamlessly easy shopping experience has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. Like it or not, customers want to be able to shop from the comfort of their own home and better still, from the comfort of their sofa. And, SnapCell Live does exactly that.

SnapCell Live is one of our newest features, allowing your team to host two-way, live, conversations with customers. From holding a virtual test drive to showing a customer around a car, SnapCell Live is the ultimate solution when it comes to convenient car sales shopping – and selling, for that matter. In fact, not only will it save the buyer time, but SnapCell Live provides a much more efficient way to sell, showcase and promote vehicles too. It’s great for building that much-needed trust with shoppers and nurturing the relationship with customers, without actually speaking to them face-to-face. Plus, with the recent pandemic still at the back of our minds, SnapCell Live ticks the social distancing box too – perfect for those customers who might be feeling a little hesitant about visiting businesses in-person yet.

Better still – and this takes things up a level – SnapCell Live allows for multi-person video too, which means customers can invite their family and friends along to the chat if they wish. Surely this is a salesperson’s dream? They get to pitch to multiple people, potentially bring in a whole bunch of customers, thanks to one live video. And remember, your team can secure the sale by sharing their desktop with customers and showing them any stock, while speaking to them, live.

Not sold yet? Well, SnapCell Live also allows you to video live calls too, for training and developing your staff. This feature is a win, win, for everyone at your dealership.


Imagine being able to showcase your products to customers, without them having to even visit your dealership. Well, now you can, thanks to SnapCell360. And when we say showcase your products, we’re not talking a simple catalog of images across your website – no, we mean really demonstrating to shoppers what your cars can offer. This is the ultimate retailing experience, but virtually.

Gone are the days where customers have plenty of free time to visit a dealership in person anymore. There’s been a real shift in shopping trends and dealerships need to adapt their selling techniques to suit their audience.

SnapCell360 allows customers to view the features of a car, by zooming in and out of a vehicle, along with panning or spinning around it, via their smartphone or device – all in their own time, from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s inside or outside, SnapCell360 gives shoppers the chance to check out any part of a vehicle they want, before securing that sale. With 84 percent of the American population using smartphones, the opportunity to tap into this market is too good to miss.

When it comes to SnapCell360, the numbers speak for themselves. With 73 percent of customers who brought or leased a vehicle admitting the feature was either extremely or very helpful. Furthermore, a huge 80 percent of customers who browsed for vehicles online, think that offering 360-degree displays of cars boosts a dealership’s reputation.


There has never been a more important time to make sure your marketing is personal to shoppers. In fact, with personalizing customer engagement really ramping up, ticking this off, is sure to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Yes, with focusing on the customer journey in the spotlight, providing shoppers – both current and perspective with the best customer experience possible is anticipated to be one of the more effective ways to drive sales as we head in 2022.

However, like we’ve said before, we know your schedule isn’t bursting with availability, which makes creating personalized communications often difficult. That is, until you meet SnapCell’s AutoStitch feature.

Autostitch is a total time-saver when it comes to producing customized and professional communications. This feature allows you to seamlessly stitch together a fresh introduction – made specifically with a particular customer, or group of customers, in mind – with a pre-existing video, stored in your library.

Better still, you can complete the clip by adding whatever call to action you wish, making it a truly effective technique when it comes to engaging with a customer. Autostitch allows you to recycle content, instead of wasting hours making multiple unique videos, while ensuring the customer feels like the message has been created especially for them.

SnapCell Messenger

Whether it’s keeping them updated on the status of a purchase, or engaging with them about an ongoing service, customers will appreciate being kept in the loop by your dealership. In fact, regularly communicating with clients will demonstrate transparency and boost your reputation. It’s a no-brainer, keeping a customer happy, will encourage them to return for business in the future. Keep connected with SnapCell Messenger.

With 90 percent of messages sent through this feature read within three minutes, this is by far the best way to get that much-needed attention from customers. The best bit about SnapCell Messenger is, that it can be easily used by every member of your team. From technicians talking a customer through additional work that needs doing on a car, to your front-of-house employees nurturing relationships after making a sale, it’s a user-friendly feature that can be utilized by all.

Yes, it’s not just your sales team that can reap the benefits of SnapCell Messenger, consider your service department too. Your technicians can easily send professional looking clips to customers, explaining any on-going or additional work that’s needed on their car. This efficient and effective two-way conversation between your service team and the customer is a time-saving and stress-free alternative than in-person liaison. In fact, customers can now review and confirm work on their car within minutes. Furthermore, latest developments of the app means customers can now select the lines of work they want to go ahead with and actually pay for via SnapCell – making the entire process seamlessly easy and straightforward.

Better still, we create a fully TPCA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) SMS number, especially for your dealership, which protects your staff by ensuring they don’t have to give out their personal details to customers.

SnapCell SocialBoost

It’s no secret that your car dealership should be on social media. In fact, with 75 percent of car shoppers admitting they feel social media is one of the most helpful mediums when selecting a dealership, boosting your online presence is a must. And, with competition for business at an all-time high, you need to be doing more on social media to really engage with audiences and that means using video.

Videos are attention-grabbing, they humanize your dealership and, above everything else, are 40 times more likely to get shared than static content. But again, we get it, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to posting effective content on social media, and furthermore, you probably don’t have the time to be creating specially made videos for the internet. Say help to SnapCell SocialBoost.

SnapCell SocialBoost integrates seamlessly with your social networks, so you and your team can upload video content easily at the simple push of a button. It’s never been easier to boost your social media presence.

Eight billion videos are viewed daily on Facebook and YouTube users upload more than 500 hours of new video a minute, with one billion hours of YouTube videos watched daily. If you’re not already on the social media bandwagon, jump on board now – and you take SnapCell SocialBoost with you, to ensure your social media journey is as smooth-sailing as possible.

So, there you have it: our five must-have SnapCell features of the season. Honestly though, we’ve barely touched the surface when it comes to what the SnapCell app can offer. Aside from those we’ve mentioned, SnapCell brings can also help boost your dealership’s reputation, by encouraging customer testimonials, while creating automated welcome messages for new shoppers, to ensure you stand out from your competition.

Get in touch with SnapCell and take things up a gear. Our simple, reliable, and best of all, easy-to-use app will support your team in creating professional-looking videos in seconds. Better still, thanks to the user and engagement team of experts at SnapCell will be here to lend a hand along the way, providing initial training and ongoing support right from the word go.

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