Tips for Vehicle Walk-Around Videos

May 30, 2023

Vehicle walk around videos have become an increasingly popular tool for showcasing vehicles comprehensively and engagingly. These informative presentations provide potential buyers with a detailed overview of the vehicle’s features, condition, and overall appeal.

What are Vehicle Walk-Around Videos?

A vehicle walk-around video is a type of video that showcases the features and benefits of a vehicle engagingly. By offering a comprehensive view of the exterior, interior, and key components of a car or truck, these videos can help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Types of Vehicle Walk-Around Videos

  • Showroom Tours: These videos give viewers an inside look at your dealership’s showroom, highlighting various vehicles on display along with their unique features.
  • New Model Introductions: When new models arrive at your dealership, create walk around videos to introduce them to potential customers and showcase what sets them apart from previous versions or competitors’ offerings.
  • Used Car Highlights: Showcase pre-owned vehicles in top condition by creating detailed walk around videos that highlight their quality and value for money.
  • Sales Events & Promotions: Use walk around videos as part of your marketing strategy during sales events or promotions to generate excitement about special offers available on select vehicles.

Benefits of Creating Vehicle Walk-Around Videos

Creating vehicle walk around videos can be highly beneficial for car dealerships and anyone who sells vehicles commercially. These engaging videos not only showcase the features and benefits of a vehicle but also help in attracting potential buyers, increasing sales, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Engaging Presentation

Video content is known to be more engaging than static images or text descriptions alone. A well-produced walk around video captures the attention of viewers by providing an interactive experience that showcases the vehicle from various angles while highlighting its unique features.

Better Understanding for Buyers

Vehicle walk around videos offer potential buyers a comprehensive understanding of the car they are interested in purchasing without having to visit a dealership physically. By watching these informative videos, customers can make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

Increased Online Presence

In today’s digital age, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for businesses like car dealerships to stay competitive in the market. Sharing your vehicle walk around videos on platforms such as YouTube, social media channels, or your website helps increase visibility among potential customers searching for their next car purchase online.

Highlight Special Offers & Discounts

An added advantage of creating vehicle walk-around videos is showcasing any special offers or discounts available at your dealership. By highlighting these promotions in your videos, you can attract more customers and increase the chances of closing a sale.

Save Time & Resources

Vehicle walk-around videos save time and resources for both dealerships and potential buyers. Instead of spending hours at the dealership going through multiple vehicles, customers can watch these informative videos from the comfort of their homes to narrow down their choices before visiting in person.

Tips for Creating Vehicle Walk-Around Videos

Creating engaging and informative vehicle walk around videos can significantly boost your dealership’s sales and customer satisfaction. To help you achieve the best results, we’ve compiled a list of essential tips to consider when producing these videos.

Plan Your Video Content

Before you start filming, it’s crucial to plan out the content of your video. Make a list of the key features and benefits that you want to showcase in each vehicle model. This will ensure that your video is concise, informative, and focused on what matters most to potential buyers.

Use High-Quality Equipment

To create professional-looking videos that impress viewers, invest in high-quality equipment such as cameras with good resolution and stabilization features or even smartphones with excellent camera capabilities.

Enlist Video Creation Software Designed for Automotive Sales

Utilizing specialized video creation software designed for the automotive sales industry can streamline the process by providing templates tailored specifically for car dealerships’ needs along with easy-to-use editing tools, which can save time while ensuring consistent quality across all your walk-around videos.

Demonstrate Key Features in Action

  • Show how advanced safety systems work (e.g., lane departure warning).
  • Demonstrate infotainment system functionality (e.g., Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration).
  • Highlight unique features such as adaptive cruise control or self-parking capabilities.

Keep it Short and Engaging

Aim to keep your walk-around videos under 5 minutes in length, as viewers are more likely to watch shorter videos in their entirety. To maintain viewer interest throughout the video, use a mix of close-up shots, wide-angle views, and dynamic camera movements while showcasing various vehicle aspects.

Add a Personal Touch

Provide your contact information at the start of each video and invite potential buyers to reach out with questions or schedule a test drive, adding a personal touch that can build trust between you and customers while helping your dealership stand out. This personal touch can help establish trust between you and prospective customers while making your dealership stand out from competitors.

Share Your Videos on Multiple Platforms

  • Upload your walk around videos on popular platforms like YouTube or Vimeo for increased visibility.
  • Embed these videos into relevant pages on your dealership’s website (e.g., individual vehicle listings).
  • Promote them through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., using appropriate hashtags related to the automotive sales industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle walk-around videos.

What is a Vehicle Walk Around Video?

A vehicle walk-around video is a visual presentation showcasing the various aspects of an automobile. It typically involves recording while walking around the car, highlighting its exterior design, interior features, engine components, and other important details for prospective buyers or owners.

Where Should You Start on a Vehicle Walk Around?

You should start at the front driver’s side corner of the vehicle during your walk-around inspection. This allows you to systematically cover all angles by moving clockwise along with each side until reaching back to where you began.

Create Vehicle Walk-Around Videos with SnapCell

Vehicle walk-around videos are an effective way for professionals and remote workers to showcase vehicles in a detailed manner. These videos provide numerous benefits such as increased transparency, improved customer engagement, and enhanced marketing opportunities. By following tips such as using good lighting and clear audio, anyone can create high-quality vehicle walk around videos.

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