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Feb 15, 2021Tips & Tricks

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Digital tools that make our working lives easier and more efficient are always a welcome addition to any business arsenal. Being able to work on the go makes you and your business more accessible and more dynamic, widening your appeal to both existing and potential customers alike. For most of us, these tools are at their convenient best in the form of apps. You probably use them all the time – and so do your customers! And there are apps for everything you could possibly want as a business. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to run-of-the-mill social media, new ways to engage with your audience are available right on your smartphone at the touch of a button.

In this article, we’ve collated the best apps for car sales and car selling that we think every dealer can benefit from having. We’ve even broken them down into handy categories so you know where to find them on app stores, and what they do. Here is our roundup of the best apps for car sales. Unless specifically stated, all the apps featured are available on both iOS and Android devices. Most are also available free of charge or as part of a free trial, however subscription charges vary based on requirements.

Social Media

The various social media platforms are probably the most obvious apps for reaching and engaging your customers online. You know that the days when your customers came to you on their own accord are long gone – you have to go where they are, and almost all of them can be found via Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. But there are other social media platforms you can also utilise to further your reach.

Slack is a collaboration hub for teamwork, enabling you to keep the right people in the loop with key information. It’s much more than just a chat app. Not only does it mean you are better connected to your team or teams, but it also enables you to work in defined channels. This ensures all the right people have access to all of the relevant information in one place. So, if you have a new member of staff join for instance, slack makes it incredibly easy for them to get up to speed quickly.

Twitter is still a relevant platform that consumers go to for news and special offers. Don’t disappoint them, and make sure that everything from the arrival of the latest model, to service incentives and deals on winter tyres are shared on Twitter.

WhatsApp enables you to message, call, or videocall using an internet connection. Not only is it free, but it also boasts worldwide distribution and end-to-end encryption for security and privacy. Although it is yet to see widespread popularity in certain markets, including the US, in the unlikely event that Facebook or Google is not used by your customer (or they live in a country where it’s banned), WhatsApp is likely to be their app of choice.

CRMs and Management Tools

Many of the top CRM platforms offer their own supporting apps for mobile. These include VinSolutions, DealerSocket and eLeads. If your dealer CRM does offer an associated app, we highly recommend your teams and salespeople have it available to them. It will be more than worth it when they realize they don’t have to update the CRM again after long days of calls and appointments. But there are plenty of other best apps for car sales that can help you manage your leads, time, and contacts.

30/30 is a task management app. From sending emails to making follow-up calls, or filling out reports and gathering information for the day ahead – 30/30 enables you to set a time for every aspect of your day. As a way of staying organized and staying on top of everything, 30/30 describes itself as the ultimate time manager.

CircleBack offers a solution to a major productivity problem – no longer having access to your contacts or the people you need when you need them. CircleBack discovers when important connection details change and surfaces new contact information, ensuring you’re up to date and able to reach out when you need to.

Learning and Training

We’ve mentioned before how car retailing is changing at an unprecedented pace. For what is often seen as a very traditional industry, learning how to engage with a new type of digital-savvy customer online is a key part of evolving to meet demand. Luckily, there is a wide variety of apps that cater for professionals wanting to obtain new skillsets. Below are just some of the best apps for car sales when it comes to learning and training.

Mind Tools is a handy source for business-related articles, as well as tips on leadership, decision making, and communication. It excels at creating a consumer-style, on-demand learning environment that can improve employee engagement levels.

SkillPill pretty much does the same thing as Mind Tools, but focuses on using video to deliver its content. It utilizes micro-learning techniques and gamification processes to deliver high-impact training wherever and whenever you want to access it.

Document Storage and Sharing

Let’s face it, our industry has more than its fair share of paperwork! From signing an order form to a courtesy car release, being able to get the admin out of the way as quickly as possible improves both the customer experience and your time management. With that in mind, being able to send documents and interact with them securely is not only useful, but also vital.

DocScan is an iOS app that is available for free, and simply enables you to snap a picture of a document and quickly and easily turn it into a high-resolution PDF or zipped JPEG. It also enables you to add annotations or draw lines onto any scanned image before it is converted. And don’t worry about image quality – it’s as close to that of a flatbed scanner as makes no difference.

DropBox is something you may already be familiar with for sharing large files. But with its mobile app, you don’t need to have your laptop handy, adding even further convenience. From storing and sharing files, to collaborating between departments for special events and projects – DropBox brings everything together in one place.

DocuSign. As we said, having the ability to get a customer to sign on the dotted line wherever and whenever is a huge advantage when working on the go. Whether test driving from a customer’s home, to dropping off a customer’s vehicle after a service – DocuSign enables you to seal the deal there and then.

Note Taking and Recording

From a morning meeting, to making sure vital information is at our fingertips – many of us use our smartphones to make notes or store a voice memo for later. These apps take it one stage further, adding organization and features to make any to-do list a little lighter.

Evernote is an app that auto-syncs across all of your connected devices and boasts smart features like tagging your notes based on location, in case you forget to add a title or sub-group. It enables you to utilize multiple types of content such as photos, clipped pages, screenshots and notes all from one place, no matter where you are.

Dragon is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time or motivation to write up their notes. It automatically translates voice memos into text, and can even do the same for text messages and emails. With Dragon you can dictate documents of any length, then easily edit and adjust the formatting. You can then share the finished documents directly from your smartphone via the vast-majority of cloud-based services.

Dealer Specific Apps

We’ll end our look at the best apps for car sales with some dealer specific apps. These are designed for car dealers to help with navigating our complex and constantly changing industry.

Pulse Auto Dealer enables you to reach your customers 24/7. It automates and personalizes communications with your prospects, enabling you to strengthen relationships and even establish the groundwork for new sales. You can even create a branded app with Pulse Auto Dealer to increase sales and service visits.

NADA Market Values is a must for any dealer. It enables you to access North American Dealer Association values as well as their proprietary AuctionNet© data. You’ll also be able to search vehicle history reports from Experian AutoCheck© and CARFAX©. In short, it gives you all the data you need to make the best decisions at auction or on the lot.

Saving the best to last? We like to think so! We can’t compile a list of the best apps for car sales without including ourselves. SnapCell is a versatile app that delivers simple and reliable video tools into the hands of your sales teams.

With SnapCell, we’ll help you reduce wasted leads and increase dealer revenue, showroom visits, service upsell, CSI scores, and even car sales. The app is available on all iOS, Android and desktop devices. Its intuitive controls will help you eliminate time wasted on wondering what to say and when, with self-editing features making it easy to record on the go. Seamlessly merge your recordings and you’ve created an engaging and personalized customer video in minutes.

Not only is our app easy to use and bursting with real-world revenue boosting features, but you also get custom reports and support for tracking the KPIs most important to you.

If you’d like to know more about how SnapCell can benefit you as you work on the go, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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