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Jul 27, 2022

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Believe it or not, the average American receives approximately 100 emails every day. That’s a lot of emails, right? And we’ve all been there – we log into our mailbox, to see it full to the brim of unopened emails, most of which are trying to sell us something. And the deciding factor that ultimately prompts us to open or delete each email, is the subject line. In fact, most people spend less than a fraction of a second quickly skimming over the subject line, before filtering out the emails they want to open or send to their trash – and that’s without even knowing what the content of the main message will be. What’s more, around 50 percent of people will decide whether or not to open or delete an email, solely down to the subject line. 

It’s simple: nailing the subject line of your next sales email is vital, especially in the fast-paced and busy environment that we’re all currently living in. After all, well-thought-out subject lines will undoubtedly result in higher open rates, which ultimately will drive sales at your dealership. 

Designed by industry experts and made with automotive professionals in mind, the SnapCell app is a video creation tool that enhances a dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Our team has put together our tips to take your next sales email up a gear, complete with a list of do’s and don’ts, along with a number of attention-grabbing subject lines to guarantee your message doesn’t get dumped into spam.

Sales emails: What to do

Rather than full subject line examples, here are a few ways you can improve the subject line of your next email:

  • Add the word ‘video’. It’s becoming pretty common knowledge that adding video to the body of your email is an absolute winner – with studies showing that including video in the content of your email can actually improve click-through rates by 300 percent. But what about simply adding the word ‘video’ to your subject line? If you’ve included video footage in your email then shout about it in your subject line. Add the word video, and you could boost open rates by almost 20 percent. 

Of course, with the SnapCell app making it easier than ever for automotive professionals to create videos at the push of a button, dealerships have no excuse not to be including video content in the body of their sales emails.

  • Keep it simple. There’s no denying it, subject lines need to grab the customer’s attention, so they can’t be too long. Of course, if they’re long, the subject line might cut off, which means the customer might not be able to read it all. For best results, try sticking to 70 characters or under.
  • Make it personal. Did you know that adding the recipient’s name can drive open rates by up to 50 percent? Simply put, if you’re struggling to think of a catchy subject line, simply personalize it and you’re already more likely to see the email opened up.
  • Consider adding an emoji. In a world driven by the digital revolution, it’s becoming increasingly common for our emotions to be shown through emojis. Consider adding an emoji in the subject line, to immediately engage with customers and catch their eye.

Sales emails: What not to do

  • Avoid full-caps. Although it’s tempting, avoid using too many capital letters. While you want to show enthusiasm, all caps looks more like you’re shouting – plus they’re harder to read than lowercase. A caps-heavy subject line is just too much. 
  • Avoid special characters. It’s worth noting that special characters, including the likes of *&% have the potential to automatically send your email into the recipient’s spam folder, something you preferably want to avoid. 
  • Don’t mislead the customer. Just because you want the recipient to open your email, that doesn’t mean you can lie to them or mislead them. Using clickbait subject lines is an absolute no and something that can actually damage your reputation. 
  • Use spell-check. Make sure you double – and triple-check – your subject lines for spelling and grammatical errors. OK, it’s easily done, we get it, but a glaring spelling mistake can really bring down your credibility.

Subject line examples

Now we’ve established the do’s and don’t’s of subject lines, it’s time to hear some examples. 

To make things a little more simple, the team at SnapCell has broken it down into these categories: 

  • Self-interest and curiosity
  • Promotional
  • Urgent action
  • Human-interest
  • News
  • Potential leads and follow-ups

Interestingly, not many car sales emails will actually include words associated with selling, like ‘best price’ or ‘cheap’. This is because these are considered to be spammy words, that can lead to the email being put directly into the spam folder. 

The most successful sales emails will have a catchy, cleverly written subject line that engages with the recipient. The email body will then include the sale pitch, whether it’s directly or through a more discreet call to action.

Let’s have a closer look at the main topics and explore potential subject line examples:

Self-interest and curiosity

These are subject lines that indicate the content of that email will directly benefit the recipient, like saving them money. You want them to provoke interest from the recipient, without giving too much away – you can often do this by asking the reader a question. 

It might also be that these types of subject lines relate specifically to the recipients’ needs, goals, and lifestyles – which is where you should be using your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help send targeted emails.

And remember, if you can get personal by adding the recipients’ names, then you’re already putting your dealership one step ahead of the competition.

Here are some examples:

  • [Insert name] save money this Winter with these seasonal car tips
  • Hello [insert name] have you seen our top five family-friendly cars?
  • Electric cars, [insert name] are you ready to make the switch?
  • [Insert name], save money thanks to these budget-friendly cars
  • [Insert name], what are the best vehicles for long commutes? 
  • [Insert name] prepare your car ahead for your next road trip
  • Your free guide to making sure your car is safe this Winter
  • Did you know, at [dealership name] we service cars too?

If you have included a video in the email, then remember to include the word ‘video’ in your subject line too:

  • [Insert name] this video shows you what to look for when buying a car
  • Watch this video and find out how to change a tire in an emergency
  • [Insert name] watch this video and find out how to keep your car safe
  • Video: Your exclusive look at this year’s newest trucks 
  • Video: Find out which car is this year’s best-selling model
  • Save the date: Live video tour of our dealership straight to your home


These are slightly more obvious subject lines – ones that directly include some sort of promotional language or an offer:

  • Save money on your next car service with these printable coupons
  • A free oil change next time you book a service at [name of dealership]
  • [Insert name] get a free safety check and oil change with us

Urgent action

These are like the promotional subject lines above but with an added sense of urgency – basically, you want recipients to feel like, if they don’t take action right now, they’ll lose out for good:

  • [Insert name] get a free service if you buy a vehicle with us today
  • Quick, half-price service and oil change ends tomorrow
  • Half-price car accessories with every vehicle bought today
  • [Insert name], last chance to download money-saving coupons


This is your chance to let people know there are real people behind your dealership’s logo. Remember, these might not have anything directly to do with cars, but instead simply tease the reader, wanting them to open the email to find out more.

  • Video: Find out how super salesman Sam has raised millions for charity
  • Video: Which car has been rated no.1 for families by our customers?
  • Video: A message from our CEO on keeping safe this Winter


As it says on the tin, this is your chance to capture the latest news from the automotive industry or your dealership, in a short snapshot:

  • [Insert name] gas prices are booming, here’s how you can save
  • Have you heard, [dealership name] has won [award title]?
  • It’s official! [Dealership name] has been named ‘best local dealership’
  • News: [Brand’s name] has released their first-ever electric vehicle

Potential leads and follow-ups

If you’ve received an inquiry through your website, or a potential lead has visited your dealership, then you should follow this up with a sales email, to ensure their shopping experience with you continues. You could consider one of the below subject lines:

  • [Insert name] did you find the vehicle you were looking for?
  • [Insert name] would you like to book a test drive for the [vehicle model]?
  • [Insert name] we loved meeting you today, here’s your money-off coupon
  • [Insert name] it was so great to meet you today!

Are you ready to boost your marketing and sales strategy?

If you’re looking to take your marketing and sales strategy up a gear then become a SnapCell customer. Our team of automotive professionals is here to help put your dealership in the fast lane thanks to our award-winning video creation technology. Add video to your emails, then you can add the word ‘video’ to your subject line, which means boosting the chance of your email getting opened and what’s more driving sale numbers at your dealership. Schedule your free SnapCell demo today.

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