Snapcell Video Gains Trust

Mar 17, 2018Facts, News, Uncategorized

03/17/18 created by Marianne Farrell :-
People Buy From People They Trust
Whether you’re the new kid on the block or the old timer that everyone knows about, you will always be looking to make a good first impression for new customers while continuing to impress your existing ones with new and exciting ways to answer their enquiries.
Any dealer can respond to a new enquiry by sending a standard templated email, which more likely than not, will do the job and meet the minimum expectations of your potential new customer. But why would you want to be like any other dealer when you can be better?
How about engaging with the customer directly by sending them a personalised video answering their specific enquiry, giving them more information than they asked for and showing them exactly what you have to offer? That adds value in your first interaction and that’s before you’ve even met this person.
What’s more, a video builds the trust between the sales person and the customer from day one. People buy from people they trust and we all know that car salespeople are not exactly high on any list of trustworthy occupations.
Buyers automatically sense a ‘lust’ for their money from salespeople which is why it’s important to have an initial interaction that doesn’t centre around the purchase and entirely serves the customer’s needs.
The video allows the customer to have a direct personal connection with a member of the team at your dealership before they’ve even visited and it will make them more likely to buy from you instead of your competitor who probably just responded with a boring email.