Snapcell Team Are On There Way To Las Vegas #Nada

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03/21/18 created by Brent Williams :-

Come meet the Snapcell Team why gamble on video technolgy when you can play the winning cards with us

First Time Every time

Here some of the call features that can help your store improve sales and up sell in fixed Ops

  •          App Based
  •          In Action Camera Rotation
  •          Start / Stop Self Editing
  •          Customer Interaction Buttons
  •          99.9% upload to the Snapcell Cloud

How Will Snapcell Benefit You!

Increase in Customer Show-rate – Sales – From an industry average of between 35% – 50%, SnapCell can help you achieve a show rate of 75% and beyond!

Increase in Customer Conversion – Sales – Customers buy from people they trust. Using SnapCell the user begins to build the all important trust the moment they send them their first video.

Email/SMS Open Rate – SnapCell Users experience an average above 70% compared with an industry average of Industry average of just 24.1%

Marked increase in additional work agreed – Service – Showing Vehicle defects via video gives you credibility in identifying work and you will see a marked increase in work agreed.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement – Sales & Service – Building trust and being transparent positively impacts on customer satisfaction.

• Return on Investment for your business – Sales, Sales, Sales! Increasing your show rate, Increased conversion, Increased customer satisfaction, new customers from referrals and more retained customers, will all lead to a significant and positive return on investment. 

We Are Located At Booth 4968c Come See Us!