Small used car dealer software to have on your radar in 2020

Jul 27, 2020Tips & Tricks

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Automotive digital retailing is now at the forefront of many dealerships across the U.S., and for good reason. Tying your digital and physical processes together is crucial to the success of any dealer in 2020, no matter the size.

Yet, as a small independent dealer, the software you choose not only needs to reflect your business but also your operations, processes and budget. There is a multitude of automotive software aimed at dealers, but finding the right software for you can be a difficult task. Here, we explore the best car dealer software in each category for the often family-run, small independents.

Best Used Car Dealer CRM System – Selly Automotive

Aimed solely at the small independent dealer, Selly Automotive is a price-competitive alternative to it’s larger counterparts. Offering much of the same functionality of larger CRM providers, Selly offers a solution that allows dealers to easily manage their internet leads, customer follow-ups and also send out text messages. It also comes with an app that works both online and offline, in the cases where you’re without internet. Selly talks to your inventory management system and DMS, for a fluid, streamlined approach to digital retailing.

Best Used Car Dealer Website Provider – DealerOn

As a small business, it’s important to reach as many prospective customers as possible, without breaking the bank to do so. DealerOn provide websites built with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. This means that your website will be visible in search engines, without having to spend hundreds each month on a search engine marketing strategy. Furthermore, DealerOn reports an average 200% increase in their lead volume when compared to any previous web provider.

Best Used Car Dealer Inventory Management – Provision from Auto

vAuto’s Provision is an all-round inventory management system, aimed solely at used car dealers. Its clever algorithm uses AutoTrader and Manheim data to provide valuable and visual information on what to buy, when to buy and where to buy. Specific models can be pin-pointed at nearby auctions, and listed stock can be pushed out to other vehicle marketplaces, such as AutoTrader and

Best Used Car Dealer Lead Generation Tool – SnapCell

It would be senseless to divulge the best used car dealer software without mentioning SnapCell. SnapCell is a video lead generation tool that allows dealers to conduct walkaround videos, technician videos, virtual test drives, and also talk to customers through live video. It’s perfect for independents who want to build customer rapport, in order to build a  reputation that’s the best in the area.

To schedule a free demo of SnapCell and see why SnapCell is a great fit for your business, get in touch today. Our knowledgeable team of automotive experts are on hand to support