Integrating Video Into Your Store

Feb 25, 2018News, Uncategorized, Video Marketing Facts

02/25/2018 created by Brent Williams CEO :-

So, you have considered video but you ask yourself the usual questions: 

“The Sales Execs will not use it”

“It’s just another tool to integrate into the store, is it really going to make a difference?”

“We do not have the time”

“I see the value in video but we do not like change”

, Snapcell can answer those questions very easy.  Any new integration within your store will be difficult, but if you think of a simple request like a follow up call this can be a challenge but would you stop giving your customers that service?  The answer is no

So you  you need to ask yourself a reverse set of questions as follows:

The sales execs must use it
This tool is going to make us stand out from crowd

“We will make time as the benefits out way the negatives”

“We will make change as we all know that change is constant and good, as well as healthy for the business’

“All the best performing stores will make daily changes if they are going to hit the massive targets set out to them”

Personal video messaging to your potential customers / existing customers gains trust and confidence in your store, do you go the extra mile for that sale and for your customers? 

We are working in times that the personal communication skill is used less everyday and potential customers are looking for more personal contact with your business. Is a text / email good enough?

So how will you integrate video?

Simply put you do not request your employees to use this technology, you make it part of the business. Following the below steps will help with the transition in to your business:

1/ Make targets part of your employees pay plan

2/ Set targets low – then increase monthly

3/ Target the kind of videos that need to be created i.e. – x10 Inquiry – x5 Thank you – x5 Prospecting

4/ Reward achievement for quality

5/ Use video for training

Implementing these 5 steps will give you instant results.

Snapcell technology is changing every month to make the customer journey an experience they will not forget along side the simplicity for the user to create amazing videos. 

Remember “Seeing Is Believing”