How to Integrate Video Marketing with Car Dealer Software

May 19, 2023

Automotive car dealer software is changing the way dealerships run their businesses. The tools and technology available today are manifold and offer a host of solutions for consumers and businesses alike. Digital marketing is becoming a mainstay for modern businesses and it is important to understand how to create a comprehensive strategy. Part of that comes in utilizing the right tools, which means knowing what those are in the first place.

Many companies have been using video marketing for several years now. Even some dealerships have found themselves trying to incorporate video in new ways, but it’s often minimally effective, at best. Video slideshows and cellphone videos of vehicle walkarounds are not cutting it anymore. Consumers want dynamic video content and dealers need to deliver.

The right car dealer software can help with that.

What Is Auto Dealership Video Marketing?

Dealership video marketing is a multifaceted strategy that incorporates all kinds of digital video tools into a comprehensive solution for outreach and lead generation. Put simply, it’s the use of different types of video content to engage audiences, generate leads, and get more sales. The tools available today make it easy for dealerships to customize their own creations and their overall marketing strategy.
Video marketing includes social media videos such as YouTube or TikTok, along with videos on the dealership website, live video chat and messaging features for service needs, and more. Plus, dealers can integrate these tools with their existing CRM and other software, making it easy to course-correct and make changes in real time.

The Value of a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a dynamic, robust digital marketing strategy in place is essential for today’s dealerships. People are no longer simply walking in the door and looking to make a purchase. They’re doing research online, exploring their options, and making sure that they find the exact right vehicle. This allows them to have minimal interaction at the dealership, and for those who choose vehicle delivery, there could be no visit to the dealership at all.

All this is to say that if a dealership doesn’t get on board with digital marketing, they are very quickly going to get lost among the sea of others who are staying behind. In the meantime, those dealers that do embrace video marketing and put digital strategies to work will see an uptick in interest, customers, and brand awareness. It is no longer about whether a digital marketing strategy is necessary, but what type of digital marketing is going to be most effective.

Interactive Video Tools Close Deals Faster

The tools available in today’s suite of digital marketing resources are plentiful. Technology has upgraded classic video recording software into a dynamic, interactive resource that will increase close rates and drive traffic in several different ways. The different tools and ways to use video include:

  • Live video chat for customer service and questions
  • Live messaging in video to improve engagement and accessibility
  • 360-degree walkaround videos
  • YouTube explainer videos
  • TikTok and other social media videos to drive engagement

Consumers are far more likely to watch a video than read an article. And when they are buying something like a vehicle, they expect to see that vehicle in as many ways as possible. Static inventory photos are no longer enough. The dealerships that integrate dynamic video marketing strategies will be the ones that continue to grow and thrive, despite inventory and economic concerns.

Tips to Integrate a Video Marketing Strategy

Like anything, a digital video marketing plan must be well thought-out and properly integrated for it to be effective. To do that, it’s important to understand the best practices for dealers that are engaging with video content. Some of the most common tips offered by the experts include:

  • Use professional tools. Dealers don’t have to hire a full crew for filming, but the right tools can make all the difference. Look for reliable, easily accessible tools and car dealer (or used car dealer) software that can help create the perfect content.
  • Plan ahead. The biggest struggle people have with video marketing is that they often want to do it “off the cuff.” While this has its place and can create a more genuine feel, it’s also going to create a lot of potential space for errors. At the very least, dealers often come off as unprofessional when they don’t plan out a proper video marketing strategy.
  • Include a CTA (call-to-action). It doesn’t matter what kind of video is being created. A CTA will always be important to include. This can be as simple as posting the dealership’s website at the end of the video or doing a video on maintenance, for example, and suggesting dealership service.
  • Enlist professional assistance. Beyond the available tools, there are also hundreds of professionals that can assist with digital marketing, dealership video marketing and other strategies. These experts have years of knowledge and experience, and they can ensure that dealerships are on the right track with their strategies.
  • Create dynamic content. That means that videos should be used in as many ways as possible as part of a digital video marketing strategy. This may require some work and practice, but it can be done. The better quality and more variety dealers deliver, the higher their engagement rates will be.

Video Marketing Is a Must for Car Sales

Today, it’s no longer good enough to dabble in digital marketing. In the past, dealerships may have gotten by with this, but not anymore. Customers want to have full access to information online, including through videos that can help them make important buying decisions.
A simple search for video marketing stats will show how much consumers love video advertising and engagement. However, it must be done correctly. This will allow dealers to build trust and connect with leads in a whole new way. Plus, for those who want to get the full story before they visit the dealer, interactive videos can provide all the resources they need.

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