How to create the perfect video

Aug 3, 2020Tips & Tricks

Create the perfect video

Video is more prominent than ever across digital marketing channels, and for good reason. Over five million videos are watched on YouTube every single day, and over 100 million videos are consumed by Facebook users every 24 hours. When it comes to a powerful visual tool that can help you reach new audiences, educate your viewers, and increase engagement, video really is the king of content.

So, not only is video a highly performing type of content, it’s also incredibly popular. From social media to news channels, our feeds are dominated by video content. No matter what you type into a search engine, you’ll undoubtedly get video links in the top few hits. Narrow this down to ‘how to’ content and such like, and your results will be dominated by video.

But as well as being popular with users, it’s also been proven to earn its keep among marketers. Did you know that creating personalized video can drive 66%* more qualified leads per year? Whether you’re creating car sales videos or technician videos, communicating an engaging message is key to building customer trust and rapport. If you’re showcasing a prospective vehicle to a customer, you’ll also want to get them excited about the model and create a sense of urgency. When it comes to how to create the perfect video, SnapCell are experts in our field. We’ve compiled our top tips below.

For the vast majority of our tips, we’re presuming you will be shooting on a smartphone, but they are equally valid for digital SLRs and other equipment too.

You’ll be framed

When you start filming, get into the habit of completely filling the frame with your subject. Whether it’s a car or a person, make it absolutely clear they are the focus of the video. You can also get creative, filming them off centre to build a more visually interesting scene. This is one of the areas where you can experiment and really bring out your inner Steven Spielberg.

Most smartphone camera apps have the option to enable gridlines as part of their settings. The most popular framing guideline and tool is the ‘rule of thirds’, so if you enable a 3×3 grid on your camera app, you can line up the subject with one of the vertical ‘third’ lines, or use the parallel, recumbent lines to get the horizon in the desired position. Just remember that it’s not a hard and fast rule, and what looks good often comes down to personal preference.

Lighting, camera, action

No matter the type of video you’re creating, you’ll want to make sure that the lighting is correct. This doesn’t mean specialist equipment or professional lighting, but instead, just making sure you’re facing natural daylight. Again, this is primarily for practical reasons – your audience want to be able to see what’s going on without being blinded. At the same time, lighting plays an important role in setting the right mood for your video too.

Natural daylight helps to create a warm and uplifting atmosphere, and it’s also the most flattering to human skin tones. Comparatively, artificial light can alter skin colouring and affect the overall tone of the video. To get the best results, step outside or make sure you’re facing a window when recording.

If you want to get a little more creative with your lighting, again, your smartphone can provide you with everything you need. Watch this video for five free hacks on using a smartphone to light up your content in new ways.

Smile Like You Mean It

When we smile, we automatically release endorphins and become more confident. Smiling also makes us appear more approachable and friendly, which is key to building relationships and closing sales. You’re also more likely to get a warm response from your customer too, as smiling is contagious. Wearing your best smile is a simple tip, but one that is often forgotten.

Think about your setting and your settings

It’s really important that you think about location before you press that big red record button. Think about the majority of dealer-produced videos you might have seen. How many bothered to venture outside or try something different? Our guess is that the vast majority of them looked surprisingly similar, and could have been filmed at any showroom, anywhere

When it comes to creating unique content, using what you have is key. Think of local beauty spots or landmarks that might make for a great backdrop. But, if you are filming outside, consider distractions like people exercising or construction work. Alternatively, if you have to shoot in the showroom, are there props you can use to showcase a vehicle differently, or a part of the dealership that lends itself more to video?

In terms of the practicalities, if you use a certain filter or theme for your images and video, make sure you use it consistently as a way of endorsing your brand. You will also benefit from still using a tripod or a handheld stabilising device, even for your smartphone. And, resist the urge to zoom in. Tempting as it is, you risk pixelating the video and compromising the overall quality. If you want a closer shot, do exactly that – move nearer!

Testing 1,2,3

Another simple tip on how to create the perfect video is to do a test run. In particular, think about checking on sound quality. It’s really important that your video isn’t interrupted by background noise – so a quiet location and a bit of co-operation from your colleagues is vital. There’s no point trying to talk over the service receptionist or a sales pitch on the other side of the showroom. It will just sound garbled, not to mention unprofessional.

At the same time, you’ll be able to check on the look and feel of your video. Does it capture what you want it to? Did you rush your dialogue? The great thing about using your smartphone to create the perfect video content, is that you can also use handy software like the SnapCell app to edit on the go. SnapCell enables stop-start recording and provides handy editing tools to help optimize your content.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is enticing and commands attention. It builds trust – not only in you and what you’re saying – but also in your brand and products. Customers are far more likely to listen to you and watch your video until the end if you’re confident. How do you become confident behind the screen? You practice. The more videos you create, the more confident and less self-aware you’ll feel behind the camera.

Be Natural

“Just be natural” is a tip commonly shared when presenting or creating video, but it’s not always easy to do. Instead of over-rehearsing or scripting your video, try to imagine you’re simply speaking to your customer in person.

Upgrade Your Camera

Recording a winning video can be done on any device. In fact, Oscar-winning Steven Soderbergh shot an entire feature film with an iPhone 7+. However, if you’re using an old device and looking to bring that extra edge and professionalism to your videos, you may want to consider upgrading your mobile to something built within the last couple of years.

The right tool for the job

There is some content that video absolutely just lends itself to. Remember what we said about trying to differentiate your content from other dealers? Here are some ways you can use video to create unique content that will engage your audience.

  • Unboxing videos. Has a new model or hotly anticipated vehicle just landed at the dealership? Capture some genuine excitement as it comes off the transporter and is prepared for display. This content is hugely popular
  • Interviews. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – people buy from people. Let your audience get to know you with talking heads style videos that introduce key members of staff – and let your customers know how to get in touch too!
  • How-to. According to Google, there is no more popular content category on the whole of YouTube. There simply isn’t a better way to showcase products and services
  • Reviews. Got a happy customer? Tell the rest of them! Reviews reassure your customers that they are making the right decision, and they will always trust another buyer over you. Use this to your advantage

To conclude our advice on how to create the perfect video, we’ll throw a few more stats in to emphasise why it’s such an important type of content.

  • In 2021, it is estimated that the average consumer will spend 100 minutes a day watching videos online*
  • 90% of consumers agree video helps them to make a buying decision, or that they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video
  • By 2022, it is estimated that 82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming or downloads

To arrange your free SnapCell demonstration, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re on hand to walk you through the features and benefits, plus answer any questions on how to get the best out of SnapCell and how to create the perfect video content for car dealers.

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