How to create the perfect video

Aug 3, 2020Tips & Tricks

Create the perfect video

Did you know that creating personalized video can drive 66% more qualified leads per year? Whether you’re creating car sales videos or technician videos, creating an engaging message is key to building customer trust and rapport. If you’re showcasing a prospective vehicle to a customer, though, you’ll also want to get them excited about the model and create a sense of urgency. Here are a few vital points to remember when recording your next winning customer video.

Lighting, Camera, Action

No matter the type of video you’re creating, you’ll want to make sure that the lighting is correct. This doesn’t mean specialist equipment or professional lighting, but instead, making sure you’re facing natural daylight. Natural daylight helps to create a warm and uplifting atmosphere, whilst artificial light can alter skin colouring and affect the overall tone of the video. To get the best results, step outside or make sure you’re facing a window when recording.

Smile Like You Mean It

When we smile, we automatically release endorphins and become more confident. Smiling also makes us appear more approachable and friendly, which is key to building relationships and closing sales. You’re also more likely to get a warm response from your customer too, as smiling is contagious. Wearing your best smile is a simple tip, but one that is often forgotten.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is enticing and commands attention. It builds trust – not only in you and what you’re saying – but also in your brand and products. Customers are far more likely to listen to you and watch your video until the end if you’re confident. How do you become confident behind the screen? You practice. The more videos you create, the more confident and less self-aware you’ll feel behind the camera.

Be Natural

“Just be natural” is a tip commonly shared when presenting or creating video, but it’s not always easy to do. Instead of over-rehearsing or scripting your video, try to imagine you’re simply speaking to your customer in person. Often, the first recording is the most natural, but don’t worry if you make a mistake. With SnapCell, you can easily start again or record over parts that you don’t like.

Upgrade Your Camera

Recording a winning video can be done on any device. In fact, Oscar-winning Steven Soderbergh shot an entire feature film with an iPhone 7+. However, if you’re using an old device and looking to bring that extra edge and professionalism to your videos, you may want to consider upgrading your mobile to something built within the last couple of years.

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