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May 4, 2021Tips & Tricks

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Video has undoubtedly changed how we learn to repair, build, or put things together. Whether we’re taking on some home improvements or trying to figure out how the TV works, we’ve grown accustomed to turning to a video tutorial to help us figure things out.

If you’re an independent technician, auto shop, or even part of a larger dealership – this is something that you can use to your advantage. As video is the chosen medium for your audience, why not use it to engage with them!

Video instantly helps instil trust. If there’s a problem, it’s right there for all to see. We’ve all heard that note of doubt and distrust in a customer’s voice on the phone when we’ve said something unexpected has been found and needs attention. By being proactive and creating a video that showcases the work that needs to be done, it reassures the customer that they and their vehicle are in the best of hands.

That said, there are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to how to create auto repair videos. For the purposes of this guide, we are presuming (and would recommend) that you will shoot your video on a smartphone or tablet. Here are our top tips.

It’s Not All About You

The most important thing about your video is the information you are trying to get across. It’s not about you, despite the fact you are potentially both star and narrator. In fact, this video is about the customer and their vehicle.

One of the things we want you to consider in this guide on how to create auto repair videos is the set up. You’ll need to think about what the customer needs to see. If you’re highlighting work that needs to be carried out, those elements will need to be well lit and unobscured by tools or even other people.

You’ll also need to think about your surroundings. Noise and other distractions need to be kept to a minimum. It’s probably a little unfair, but if a customer thinks you are struggling to record a video competently, how can they trust you to work on their car. In reality, if they think you can’t be bothered to rectify audio or mistakes they pick up on, they’ll have less faith in you as a technician.

Consider also that people buy from people, so setting your smartphone or tablet up so you can be in shot (or maybe someone could film you) isn’t a bad idea. But, at the same time – it’s not absolutely vital. So, if it’s easier or more apt to hold the phone yourself and film, then do so. Like we said, the important bit is the information you need to get across.

Beginning, Middle, and End

The best videos are short and sweet but can still be broken down into three distinct elements – a beginning, middle, and end. This can be as simple as greeting the customer and acknowledging that you’re working on their vehicle, then covering why you’re making the video and what you need them to do. Those are the three staples that should make up your video. Here’s an example of what you might say:

“Hello Mr/Mrs Smith. I’m Joe from Joe Bloggs Autos. I’m working on your lovely Chevy. We’ve done the scheduled work but noticed a few things we want to bring to your attention.”

It really is that simple. This isn’t a ‘how to’ video, so you don’t need to give them a crash course in vehicle technician. You just need to show them the problem and that you can rectify it quickly and easily.

The end of your video should be a call to action. Something along of the lines of:

“We’ve noticed that this part needs replacing. It will cost $150 but will save you further costs and further issues down the line. We’d like your permission to go ahead as soon as possible.”

Any information you give to the customer eeds to be transparent, so make sure your pricing is accurate and that work said to be required actually is. After all, putting it on video will make it much easier to double check. You can obviously expand on the work that needs to be done – and reassuring them that it’s a good decision is always important. And if you have the option, make it easier for the customer to say yes by detailing service finance schemes or easier ways to pay.

Make a Pre-emptive Strike

Another thing to consider in our how to create auto repair video guide is softening the blow of future costs for the customer. Certain components are always going to be subject to wear and tear. Or you may notice something that you know will need looking at further down the road.

By creating a short video, you can make the customer aware of what to expect within a certain timeframe. By doing so, they are both much more likely to agree for the work to be done when the time comes, and to come to you for it to be carried out!

How to Create Auto Repair Videos with SnapCell

We think SnapCell is simply the best way to show a customer items of concern or work that might be required on their vehicle. A video can be created quickly and easily, and it can help make the contact call much more personal and relevant (not to mention painless) for the customer. With SnapCell, it’s also easy to create a two-way conversation between customer and technician. There’s nothing more reassuring than being able to talk to the actual person working on your vehicle. This is because SnapCell not only integrates with Messenger but can also be used as a live chat platform.

You can send SnapCell videos via SMS or email, alongside a breakdown of costs or other documents. This instils trust and is likely to encourage the customer to make an instant decision to go ahead with any additional work. After all, not only is it easier for the customer to understand the problem when they can see it for themselves, it’s also much harder to argue against!

Creating engaging content with SnapCell can be done with the touch of a button. You can stitch together key vehicle snapshots and commentary seamlessly, simply by holding down the record button and lifting off to stop. Using this easy and intuitive stop-start recording mechanism built into SnapCell, you can cut to the chase and put focus on what needs to be said and shown. You can stop recording and move around the vehicle or show further areas of concern simply by lifting your finger. Pressing record again puts you back in the action, merging multiple clips together into a single video of up to 90 seconds. By following all our tips above, putting a SnapCell video together should take you no more than just a few minutes.

SnapCell videos can also be integrated into SMS messages, which is another reason it sees such impressive engagement from customers. Text messages see open rates of up to 98%, usually instantly or within the first ninety seconds of being received. That’s why if you send a SnapCell video within Messenger or as an SMS, you’ll usually have a response from the customer within a few minutes.

It’s probably why SnapCell boasts a significantly higher open rate than our competitors. And it’s why dealers who use it see boosted department productivity, drive additional labour hours, and grow their parts and service customer bases.

If required, the video can also be sent through to senior team members for approval before being forwarded to a customer. The SnapCell app creates an alert, telling relevant team members that a video is awaiting approval and needs to be reviewed and sent to the customer.

Saving Time and Money with SnapCell

The value SnapCell offers in time saving alone can’t be overstated. It takes just seven minutes for a video to be created by a service technician, approved by a service advisor, and sent to the customer – usually with an immediate response as to whether to go ahead or not. With over 90% of customers saying a video would help them make a buying decision, you can’t really afford not to have SnapCell in your toolbox (and on your smartphone).

Human nature means it’s almost impossible for us to ignore alerts on our smartphones, so we’re likely to be quicker to respond! That’s why most SnapCell videos sent by SMS or Messenger asking for approval to carry out further work are usually acknowledged and approved by the customer inside of five minutes.

SnapCell is available to both iOS and Apple smart devices as an interactive app. It’s also completely compatible with most leading CRM systems and software.

If you’d like to know more about how to create auto repair videos using SnapCell, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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