How to Close a Car Sale Using Video

Nov 10, 2020Tips & Tricks, Video Marketing Facts

Selling Car Using Video

As the pandemic continues to affect the way in which we buy cars, finding new ways to engage and communicate with your customers has moved from the to do list to the must do now list. This is especially the case for new and used car sales, where visits to a dealer are currently out of bounds. Video enables you to capture all of the essential aspects of an in-person meeting. In fact, it’s the next best thing. 55% of communication is body language. Another 38% is tone of voice. That leaves just 7% for the words you actually say. Clearly, a visual channel that enables you to deliver all of these things gives you the edge over a call or email.

Video can also be used in every step of the buying journey – from how-to explanations in the early stages, to showcasing new stock or features; being able to close a deal using video has never been a more essential tool in a dealer’s repertoire. Here are our top tips on how to close a car sale using video.

Keep Things Simple

Resist your creative urges. You can be the next Steven Spielberg or Hans Zimmer in your own time. Your video doesn’t need a background score, CGI, or the backdrop of a film set in order to close a sale. It just needs reasonable lighting and to be filmed in high quality, preferably HD. The SnapCell app provides this via a quick, intuitive, easy-to-use platform. The best car sales videos are short, simple, and uncomplicated – and shot on SnapCell we’d like to think.

Be you. Be real. Be open.

Despite the title of this blog – avoid the hard close when using video. If you’re trying to build trust and rapport, “Always Be Closing” usually results in the exact opposite. Instead, point your prospects to a website, a specific vehicle page, or provide a quick and direct avenue for them to start a conversation with you. Continue by being part of that conversation. Respond to objections in a friendly and meaningful way. Ask open questions that enable your customers to expand on their thoughts and feelings. All of these aspects help build trust and will establish you as the go-to person or brand for them.

At the same time, avoid the polished pitch or scripts. It’s not the 90s, and you’re not Jordan Belfort. Selling is still an art, but it’s not a hustle. Repeat business comes from engaging your customers, providing solutions to their problems, and being human. Forgot something? Want to share a new review? Video – and SnapCell’s easy stop/start recording function enables you to do this with ease, picking up the conversation wherever you left off.

Keep it Personal…and Unique

Don’t send the same video to a hundred different prospects and hope for easy wins. Video is not a one-and-done sales tactic. It is a channel that enables you to step away from the side lines, stand out, and make the customer’s job easier. Answer specific questions and be reassuring. With 82% of consumers researching their purchases online, you don’t need to focus on product-centric videos that cover specs and features. In the decision stage, your customers are looking to be reassured that they’ve making the right choice. This is where testimonial videos, peer reviews, and your own personal experiences come into their own and can really help you to close that car sale.

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index forecasts video will account for 82% of internet traffic by 2022. 87% of marketing and sales teams are already using video content on a regular basis. Not only is video marketing becoming the norm, it’s also vital to vehicle sales operations right now. SnapCell makes all the tools you need available in one handy smartphone app, enabling you to go live quickly, easily and on the go – or to create professional-looking pre-recorded content in minutes. Improve your customer experiences and start closing car sales using video, and with SnapCell.

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