How Does Personal Video Help Sales & Service Staff Hit Their Targets?

Jul 25, 2019News

If you’re addicted to social media like most of us are, you will probably have noticed the increase in the number of videos in your personal feeds.

In addition, Facebook and Instagram developed their ‘Stories’ feature to encourage people to share short snippets of their lives that their followers and friends can digest on the go.

When it comes to sales, video messaging is your friend and an incredible tool to help you meet your targets by converting more prospects into paying customers.

We’ve put together a list of reasons to show how using video relationship management software like SnapCell can help your sales and service staff hit their monthly targets.

Video Messages Are More Engaging

When done correctly, video messages are more engaging and more memorable than using text alone. In fact, personalised videos are five times more engaging than emails or text messages.

Your customers are constantly receiving marketing spam into their inboxes from a range of companies vying for their attention. Take the time to get in front of the camera and show people what you have to offer instead of simply telling them.

Not only do videos grab people’s attention, they tend to keep it longer as well. Let’s imagine someone has sent you an enquiry for one of your cars:

If you send them back a long email explaining the history of the car and why they should come to you, they might be put off by the amount of text they’ve got to read. However, if you send them a video telling them the same information, they’re more likely to be engaged with what you’re saying.

Video Messages Help To Build Likeability

Did you know that 93% of all daily communication is nonverbal, such as body language and tone of voice – things that are impossible to convey in a text or email. Although a phone call does allow you to use different tones, the customer still can’t see what you look like or your body language. This is where video messaging has the upper hand.

As well as building likeability through your personality, a personal video helps to build trust because you are forced to be more open and exposed. For example, if you’re filming a walk-around video, it’s nearly impossible to hide any of the car’s imperfections.

Similarly, if you’re a technician demonstrating a fault on the car, it’s easier for the customer to believe it when they can actually see what you’re talking about.

Ultimately, ‘people buy from people’ they like and trust. Using personal videos is a great way to show your personality and build trust with prospects.

Video Messages Are Personalised And Thoughtful

We all look for different ways that we can make our life easier and sending a templated email is one way of doing that. The only problem is that it’s very easy to spot when you’ve just swapped out someone’s name and a few other details.

Sending a video message is guaranteed to be different every time even if you have to do two separate ones for the same car to be sent to different people.

Receiving a video that starts with “Hello Mr Smith” automatically increases the customer’s engagement levels because you’re addressing them directly. A personalised video shows that you care and that you’re willing to take the time to create something unique for them.

Video Messages Make You Stand Out From The Competition

If a customer sends five enquiries to five different dealerships and you’re the only one to send them a personalised video message in response, you’re definitely going to differentiate yourself from the other sales people vying for their business.

Even if someone else tries to get the upper hand by sending a video message as well, you have the opportunity to demonstrate why you’re better than everyone else and why they should come to your dealership.

It’s your chance to show them that you will treat them as a valued customer and that you can be trusted with their business.

Video Messages Remove Objections

One of the main challenges of any sales job is to overcome objections and remove roadblocks throughout the purchasing journey.

As well as driving sales, SnapCell is also the perfect app for automotive technicians, allowing your mechanical team to easily communicate potential fixes and improvements with customers, whilst building trust and rapprt. If you’re trying to upsell a customer into authorising some extra work on their car, it’s easier for them to understand if they can see what you’re talking about. Most of us don’t have the necessary expertise when it comes to car maintenance, so we rely on the advice of professionals.

In terms of sales staff, a customer might raise some questions about the car at the initial enquiry stage. Sending a video message allows you to answer each question in depth and provide physical evidence of what you’re saying so they don’t have to just trust your word.

In addition, you could create a generic video outlining the dealership’s sales process, including the top 10 questions that a sales person is normally asked throughout the buying process.

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