Email Marketing Tips for Car Dealers

Oct 27, 2020Tips & Tricks

Email Marketing

For car dealers, email marketing is THE most cost-effective (and one of the most powerful ways) of reaching your customers and boosting sales.

The Covid-19 pandemic combines both a public health and economic crisis on a level that most people, let alone automotive businesses, have never experienced. How we live and do business is changing as a result, and how we communicate is going to be vital. Our messaging needs to be constructive, reassuring and relevant to the car buyers and owners of today and tomorrow. Email is the ultimate digital communication channel, bar none. Here are our top email marketing tips for car dealerships.

Email is the bedrock of your marketing strategy (or should be)

Email is the string that holds each balloon in your marketing strategy in place. It enables you to build better customer relationships as you share your newsletters, dealership events, consumer advice and latest information. And it delivers direct links to your website, vehicle walkarounds, and special offers. By using tools such as Snap360 from SnapCell, you can bring your emails to life and make them even more effective at communicating with your audience.

Unbeatable ROI

Email marketing is renowned for delivering an unbeatable return on investment for car dealerships. Marketing budgets are being tested like never before, so every penny needs to count. Email Marketing has been shown to deliver £44 for every £1 spent (Campaign Monitor, 2019). McKinsey suggests it can also be up to forty times more effective than social media marketing. In the current trading conditions, you cannot afford to ignore a channel that consistently delivers a 66% conversion rate (DMA).

The Choice of the Consumer

Email is by far and away the consumer’s preferred means of contact. 58% of Millennials prefer email communications (Kagool), and a staggering 86% of customers are open to receiving monthly special offers and promotions (Marketing Sherpa).

However, it’s important to avoid dull, repetitive, impersonal junk mail. SnapCell offers fast, easy tools to help you make each email much more personal and engaging. Set up a special event and stream your dealership live. Drive online traffic and web leads with impactful video. Share your latest reviews and newest inventory. Or just say hello, in person, and in complete social-distance safety.

Make it Personal

There are practical steps you can take to make your dealership’s marketing emails more personal too. Add filters and drill down into the details of your data. If your business represents multiple franchise partners, ensure each customer’s brand preference is represented, as well as the most convenient location. Use what you know of their consumer behavior to make relevant offers. And, ensure details are correct and up to date.

Optimise Your Content

Your customers are using a wide variety of devices to access their emails, so your emails need to be optimized for smartphones, tablets, and a plethora of different screen sizes. Whereas this is a given these days, it’s still important to remember. Various widgets, apps, and content providers are not automatically responsive or “mobile-friendly”.

SnapCell offers an easy way to ensure this. As a video marketing platform, it’s easy to use direct from any smartphone or device, and your customers don’t need to download any software to connect with you.

Using video in an email can boost click-through rates by 200-300% (eMarketer). Vehicle walkarounds, car service tips, staff introductions, routine announcements, and special offers and promotions can all be made better via video. With 84% of all car shoppers watching auto-related video, SnapCell provides the easiest, most cost-effective way of optimizing the easiest, most cost-effective of engaging your customers.

And finally, remember that email is a two-way conversation. Cobalt Group’s National Automotive eShopper Experience study revealed dealers fail to respond to nearly 25% of all email generated leads. And 30% of those who do respond, never follow up. With SnapCell, you can answer questions and provide details personally, ensuring you’ve covered everything and giving your customers every reason to take the next step.

Get in touch today to find out how SnapCell can help you make the most of your dealership’s email marketing in a challenging marketplace.

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