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Apr 4, 2018Digital Dealer Orlando, News

Snapcell will be at Digital Dealer booth number 414.

We are demonstrating the very best in video technology and welcome you to visit the team.

If networking is your thing, whether it be through specialist events, automotive conferences or auto dealer 20s groups, then you’ll want to check out Digital Dealer. The Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is one of the biggest automotive events of the year. Organized by the Dealer Communications, it aims to discover new concepts and latest strategic areas in digital marketing.

Snapcell proudly stood amongst top industry experts and established businesses to demonstrate the very best in video technology in the Orlando Convention Centre which played host to the South Coast Digital Dealer 24 Conference & Expo.

Positioned at booth number 414 we were next to Shred-it and fusionZONE Automotive with Savvy Dealer directly opposite us. The whole of the SnapCell team were present at Digital Dealer including CEO & Director Brent Williams and Quinn Spicker, our Head of Development.

We showcased our app to demonstrate how easy it is to use while explaining how it can be utilised to build trust and convert more leads. Video is already proven to be more effective than phone calls and email with increased lead conversion and upsell rates when used in the service department.

Kevin Frye from the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family attended Digital Dealer. He came to visit our booth and reported afterwards:

“There are now multiple video solutions for dealers to choose from in providing a simple and high-quality tool for sending video from our sales reps to our customers. SnapCell is providing a solution which will not only leverage SMS technology, but will also integrate with some CRM tools like VinSolutions. Well done!”

Receiving such positive feedback from one of America’s highest rated automotive families is testament to how impressive our product is. Indeed, the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family have since adopted the SnapCell video marketing app.

In an increasingly video-orientated consumer industry, SnapCell has proven itself to enable dealers to reach out to customers and respond to customer inquiries with attention grabbing personalized videos that provide a richer customer experience and ultimately helps to sell cars.

Digital Dealer 24 was packed with highly-rated speakers and sessions with a couple of common themes that dealers should pay attention to in the coming 12 months.

A big emphasis should be placed on personalization to a level that goes beyond direct mail and emails. There is power in delivering a unique website and shopping experience for every customer making them feel wanted and valued from the moment they engage with your business.

Digital retailing has become a massive part of the automotive industry over the past couple of years and it is only going to grow. Customers want a 2018-like experience whether they’re physically in the dealership or searching online. Retailers need to deliver a seamless experience that facilitates a customer’s journey; and if this can be personalized, then you’re surely onto a winner.

Take a look at the great snaps we managed to get of the Digital Dealer 24 Conference & Expo.


Here is a great review from Kevin Frye at the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family

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