News | SnapCell - Part 3


Do Customer Reviews Really Matter? Yes. You already know this, but why? Customer reviews are a virtual representation of your business’ reputation and act as the online version of word-of-mouth and recommendations. Positive customer reviews can help to create a good impression of your business that you can constantly build on. Online research has become a massive part of the[…]

The car buying journey has evolved over the past decade, let alone since the turn of the millennium, and even before that. Recent consumer research of 1,000 car buyers found that 54% of customers expect to visit a dealership as part of their research process of buying a new car. This is up from just 48% that were asked the[…]

We're excited to show you SnapCell!!  We are not just a video marketing tool, we'll show you how we can make YOUR store stand out with us by engaging your customers by using our technology Register Interest We'll take you through why we're are the leading Engagement Tool & how you will benefit using SnapCell through Social Media, interaction with[...]

What is the best way to train and develop a new sales trainee? Variety. They need to be exposed to a range of different teaching and learning methods to be as effective as possible at their new job. That involves observing current members of the sales team, learning about the vehicles your dealership sells by reading online information, exploring the[...]