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Feb 21, 2021Tips & Tricks

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How do you maximize your car sales in today’s market? It’s no secret that buyers are spending less time in dealerships and more time online. So, how can you utilize new car sales techniques that are optimized for the digital age? By reading our blog!

We’ve collated the best car sales techniques designed to engage your potential customers and increase showroom visits. Unfortunately, simply having charisma and a friendly demeanour isn’t a beacon that draws aimless and wandering car buyers in from the street. You need to be able to amplify your appeal so that it reaches customers where they are – online, on social media, at the end of a phone, and reading their emails.

Some of the traditional focuses of “selling” are no longer as relevant as they once were. Today, your customers have access to the price point and every other detail of your vehicles, as well as those within a thousand square miles. A vehicle’s price, history and information are all at their fingertips before they’ve even set foot inside the showroom – which means you are not required to be a walking, talking owner’s manual.

However, what it does mean, is that there is much more focus and onus on what therefore makes you stand out. And that comes down to you and your brand. They have the information they need – so now they’re looking for comfort, happiness and satisfaction. If you can provide that, you are delivering a positive experience that in turn builds trust. In addition, by becoming a brand that people trust, you’ll actually help them cut down on their decision time. Think about it – when you’re searching for something to buy on Amazon, how do you whittle down the thousands of results you get? You head for the brands you trust, respect and like. With our look at modern car sales techniques, we’ll establish how best to do this.

Answer questions

Just because a customer wants to buy from you, it doesn’t mean they are willing to be sold to. It’s both a rookie mistake and a mark of a seasoned salesperson’s over confidence to be talking when you should be listening. But, by answering questions and showcasing your knowledge, you are on the path to differentiating yourself from the competition. You begin to stand out as the only one who can give them the full picture and act as a personal guide throughout the whole buying process.

One of the best ways to do this is with video. Imagine your customers searching Google for answers and a number of videos with your dealer name on it appearing in the results. The great news is that it’s easy to accomplish, especially with SnapCell.

SnapCell is designed for dealers and built with sales executives, business managers, BDC agents, and service departments in mind. It provides simple and reliable automotive video tools that have been shown to improve CSI scores, dealership revenue, showroom visits, service upsell, and yes – even car sales. And you don’t need an over-the-top setup or fancy and expensive equipment. If you have the app and a smartphone, you have everything you need.

Maybe you already have a “frequently asked questions” page on your website. But, even if not, you’ll certainly know the information your customers regularly seek out. Bring those queries to life, and pre-empt what your customers – and therefore your potential customers want to know, with videos they can access via social media or your website. This is at the core of all car sales techniques that work in the digital age – being seen where your customers are. And what’s a better way of being seen than video?!

Know what your customers really want

Of course, it’s not just a case of simply being able to answer a question that gets you the sale. It’s having the right answers. And a key part of that is being able to interpret what your customers want, and being able to show them you have it. Identifying what your customers are really asking for and delivering on those expectations is a car sales technique that will give you an edge. And remember, what they want and what they ask for can often be two different things.

To give you an example, when a customer decides to look at a specific vehicle – it can both give them tunnel vision and limit your ability to appeal to them, especially if you don’t necessarily have that model in your inventory. But, by asking the right qualifying questions about the features they’re looking for and how they want to use their vehicle, you can tailor the pitch to them. Their focus on a specific model may be blinding them to the better alternative you already have in stock. Your job is to show them. This comes back to the principle of show, don’t tell, which again makes video a perfect and versatile platform for the job.

Obviously this is easy to do when you are fielding an incoming query, but how do you change the course of a customer you’re not in direct contact with? Again, video is one way you can do this. Why not post a video that might challenge prospective customers to open their mind a little? Create a short, introductory clip that tells customers you are willing to listen to them and will match their needs to a tailored shortlist of vehicles. These kinds of quick, easy, off-the-cuff videos are easy to make with SnapCell’s intuitive stop-start recording and editing tools.

Don’t change, adapt

If you’re customers aren’t coming to you, then your response should be a simple one – go to them! Not only are you already an expert in your field – you’ve gone to the trouble of stocking your showroom with desirable makes and models. So, why limit who gets to see them to just those who make a specific enquiry, or happen to be lucky enough to walk in or past the dealership?

If you’re excited about the arrival of a certain model, or even just a feature of a vehicle – or more importantly, if you’re customers are, then chances are lots of other potential customers will be. The five, or even seven-point walkaround is a staple of the sales pitch – so put it to good use and create a showcase video that really puts it in the spotlight. Adding these types of videos to your website and social media channels will extend your reach to potentially thousands of people, and enable your prospects to find information they’re looking for – which again endorses you as a trustworthy brand.

Make online marketing a priority

Digital and online marketing has evolved far beyond just having a website. You need to be seen and heard on social media, through email, by appearing high in search engine results (search engine optimization, or SEO), and by participating in virtual events and webinars. And that’s before we’ve even considered display advertising, pay-per-click advertising and other tools designed to optimize these various platforms and digital car sales techniques.

Email marketing will enable you to pillage one of your best and most valuable resources – your existing customers! These are consumers that you don’t need to convert to your brand, as they’ve already bought into your business. Dealer updates, walkaround videos, or the arrival of new models and stock, as well as the latest service department incentives can all be communicated by video and email.

The SnapCell app not only enables you to create videos, but it also seamlessly integrates with most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and all major social media platforms. That means you can create a video in minutes and then send it directly to your contacts, with all of your interactions and even Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) all logged.

In the digital age, communication has become very impersonal. Video enables you to gain an edge over your competitors by enabling you to show who you are and what you’re about, and can be used over the majority of platforms and channels.

Your job’s not done when the deal is

Video can also help you cultivate long-standing relationships with your customers. Quick follow ups at regular intervals will not only help you gauge how your customer is getting along and how close they might be to their next purchase, but will also build rapport. That doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy from you, but it does increase the chance that you will be the first point of call if they have problems, or if they are indeed considering a change.

This is really the point we’re trying to make with this article. One of the best car sales techniques you can master is establishing, maintaining, and growing a relationship with your customers. If you can prove yourself as a reliable problem solver, as well as a source of trustable information, you’ll gain repeat customers for life. But again, you can use digital tools available to you to increase your reach. Invite your customers to record a review video with you, or rate you on social media and Trust Pilot.

You can also practice the same principle to customers who have just made enquiries. Record a quick video thanking them for their visit to the showroom, or answer an email with a video response that answers all of their questions – and introduces you personally. As we’ve said before on the blog, people still buy from people. In short, you are what differentiates your brand from the competition – so make sure you and your teams are front and centre on your digital platforms.

If you’d like to know more about how SnapCell can be used to enhance your car sales techniques and digital toolset, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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