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Sep 22, 2020Tips & Tricks

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With 92% of marketers saying that video marketing is a part of their marketing mix in 2020, up from 78% in 2015, it’s fair to say that video has become an increasingly popular trend amongst digital experts. Video is also proven to be a much more engaging medium than text and imagery. Here, we explore what video marketing is and how you can use it to grow your dealership and sell more cars.

What is car dealer video marketing?

Put simply, car dealer video marketing is the process of using videos to promote your stock and services, increase engagement within your social channels and educate customers on the benefits of choosing your dealership, a particular car model or service.

Video marketing techniques that deliver results

The best car dealer video marketing strategies use a mixture of content types. Dealers should push these videos out to a number of different social channels to capture a range of audiences and demographics. Follow our video types and topics below to maximize customer engagement.

1. Walkaround videos

Walkaround videos are the best way to showcase your stock, whilst being able to verbalize the vehicle’s best features and technologies. Show off some popular features, such as vehicle autonomy, heated seats and a generous boot. After all, it’s often the practical details that help sell a car.

2. Brand videos

Allow potential customers to really get to know your brand, in order to build credit and trust. This could include a video of your dealership, getting to know your team or the brand values. If a potential customer then walks into the dealership, they’re more likely to spot a familiar face.

3. Event videos

Event videos should come in two parts. The first should be advertising the event, alongside what customers can expect and any offers, in order to generate interest. The follow up video should showcase the event highlights. Event videos can also include any involvement with the community though, allowing dealerships to build a local presence within.

4. Expert videos

Whilst consumers are accustomed to talking to sales staff, they rarely have the opportunity to speak to those behind the scenes, such as the technicians. Encourage your back of house team to get involved in showing different elements of the job or common issues and how they’re fixed.

5. Educational or how-to videos

How-to videos involve teaching a customer how to solve a problem themselves and help to build trust and authority within the field. Video topics could include anything from how to add washer fluid to your car to how to change a tire. Educational videos demonstrate that your dealer has its customer’s best interest at heart.

6. Explainer videos

Similar to educational videos, explainer videos help to build rapport and consumer confidence. Perhaps you have a brand new car feature or a new ground-breaking in-car technology to show off. Or maybe you receive the same question from customers, again and again. An explainer video is your chance to talk to multiple customers at once.

7. Customer testimonial videos

Nothing builds trust and improves a brand’s reputation like a customer testimonial video. From the handover to a scheduled service, there are plenty of opportunities to create authentic, rapport-building content through testimonial videos.

8. Personalized videos

Creating personal video content is a great way to connect with your customer and delivers a message in a far more engaging way than text or call alone. SnapCell allows car dealers to create personalized videos that increase engagement and open rates. These can be sent easily using email or SMS. SnapCell is a must-have sales tool for any dealer investing in a car dealer video marketing strategy.

9. Live videos

Live videos allow your customer to actively participate in the conversation, ask questions and make instant decisions, leading to a deeper connection. In fact, 80% of customers would rather watch a live video than read a message.

10. 360-degree spin displays

Capture the finer details of a vehicle and showcase these on your vehicle display pages with the help of 360-degree spin displays. These work as a fantastic addition to product images, as they empower the customer to pinch, scroll, zoom and pan to inspect a vehicle closer. Snap360 is the perfect solution, allowing dealers to seamlessly create the spin displays on an iPhone or Android device in less than seven minutes.

To schedule a demo and see how SnapCell can support your car dealer video marketing strategy, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our experienced team are on hand to advise how to get the most out of SnapCell and drive a strong return on investment.

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