Boat dealer video tool: How SnapCell can support your boat sales strategy

Apr 25, 2022Video Marketing Facts


It might surprise you to hear that the number of boat sales has recently hit a record high. Like most industries, the boat sector was hit hard by the pandemic – with sales seemingly slowing down when Covid-19 initially hit. However, it didn’t take long for the industry to do a complete U-turn, with boat businesses now booming – in fact, numbers have since hit a 13-year record high. But with sales on the rise, how are boat dealers managing to keep up? 

As a boat dealer, the likelihood is that you’re looking for ways to bring in new customers, retain loyal shoppers and get the best return on investment for the money you’re spending. Essentially, you need to be looking to adapt your sales strategy to keep up with buyer demands – and one technique you should be weaving into your plan is video. In fact, with the digital revolution totally transforming the way we all do business – and boat dealers are no exception – you simply can’t afford to avoid video when it comes to communicating and engaging with modern-day clients. In fact, with statistics showing that a one-minute video is worth the equivalent of 1.8 million words, using video to help boost sales is a no-brainer. So, where to start? SnapCell.

SnapCell is a video creation tool making it easier than ever for boat dealers to record, capture and share videos with customers thanks to the extensive range of innovative features it offers. From SnapCell Messenger to SnapCell Live, and undoubtedly, SnapCell’s ability to seamlessly integrate with your Customer Management System (CMS) and social media channels, SnapCell promises to build the foundations of a smart, solid, sales strategy. Here we explore, how your boat dealership can use SnapCell to support your boat sales strategy.

Swapping traditional text messages for creative videos

Trading in traditional text messages for creative videos using SnapCell is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost engagement with customers. Not only do videos grab a customer’s attention, but the chances are, they will retain that information better too. In fact, when it comes to sending a video to a customer, over text, the numbers speak for themselves, with viewers said to retain 95 percent of a message when watched via video, and just 10 percent when they see that same message as text. Whether you’re using SnapCell Messenger or sending an email embedded with a video, there are plenty of ways your boat dealership can swap plain old text for engaging video content. If you’re struggling, here are a few ways you can use SnapCell to send more engaging emails:

  • Imagine you’ve sold a boat to a client – SnapCell’s Reputation Buddy will immediately engage with that client following the sale by sending an automated ‘thank you message’. This will not only help to:
    • Improve the relationship between your boat dealership and the shopper
    • Encourage customers to leave testimonials, which could in turn boost your search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Enhance the customer experience and shopping journey, which is sure to have a positive impact on your business’s reputation
  • Just days before a client is set to receive their purchase, why not ask one of your sales team to send a personalized message to the customer? This way, it keeps them engaged and helps to enhance the overall customer experience. Remember to include a call to action here, reminding the customer that their shopping journey with your dealership shouldn’t just stop because the sale has been made. 
  • As well as communicating with new customers, remember there’s likely to be a climb in the number of boat owners looking at upgrading their boat in the future too. With this in mind, consider using your CMS to reach out to previous clients who are due an upgrade, either via SnapCell Messenger or email, directly highlighting the boats you have in stock. 

Remember, putting the word ‘video’ in the subject can help open rates too. In fact, studies show that simply putting the word ‘video’ in the subject line can boost open rates by 19 percent. 

And, if you find you don’t have the time to create personalized videos – although this would be the ideal option, but we know how tight for time your boat dealership might be – you should utilize SnapCell’s AutoStitch feature. This allows you to recycle videos but seamlessly add an introduction or end clip, making them relevant to each individual customer or customer group.

Maximizing your social media channels

With more than 70 percent of the American population holding a social media account, it comes as no surprise that social media is one of the most favoured marketing techniques when it comes to engaging with customers. But with so many businesses posting on social media, it’s important that your dealership is creating visual content that promises to attracts and engages shoppers. The answer? Video. With more than half of social media users in America admitting they prefer video content over any other kind and more tha 85 percent of social media users wanting more video from brand they love, it’s a no-brainer, right? But the same old content creation simply won’t cut it in today’s competitive landscape.

From supporting your boat dealership with video marketing campaigns, to creating attention-grabbing clips social media adverts, there are plenty of ways SnapCell can help to enhance your boat sales strategy. Even if it’s simply creating a walkaround clip of your best-selling boat, or highlighting an up-and-coming offer you have to encourage customers to visit your dealership, the SnapCell is everything you need in an app when it comes to optimizing your social media channels through video content.

Plus, did you know SnapCell seamlessly integrates with your social media accounts? This means you can easily create post professional-looking videos, while ensuring they each adhere to the most up-to-date social media guidelines. 

Target customers during the exploratory stage

During the exploratory stage, boat buying customers are actively looking for information on products on the current market. And with 55 percent of consumers watching videos before making a purchase, it’s crucial your dealership takes advantage of this by giving the customers what they want. But, how? Simply use SnapCell to showcase the products you have in stock.

For dealers using SnapCell, it’s never been easier to create professional-quality videos to help sell boats. In fact, at the simple touch of a button, any member of your team can seamlessly produce clips highlighting your stock, by:

  • Creating a piece-to-camera clip of themselves promoting a specific boat
  • Producing a walk-around video of a boat, highlighting specific features and selling-points
  • Videoing a walkaround shot, showing an overview of the multiple boats you have available  

Get video testimonials using SnapCell

While developments in technology have seen changes to the way dealers engage with shoppers, attract customers, and ultimately sell boats – one thing that hasn’t changed and doesn’t look like it will, is that people like hearing from people. Testimonials remain to be one of the most impactful marketing techniques to sell products. 

In fact, with 93 percent of customers admitting that online reviews impact their buying decision and 91 percent of shoppers revealing they trust an online review as much as they would a personal recommendation from family or friends, you simply can’t afford to ignore the statistics surrounding online testimonials. 

Take things one step further by creating video testimonials, not only will they help to build trust and credibility, but they enhance the authenticity of your boat dealership too. Whether your sales team uses SnapCell to record video testimonials themselves, or you encourage reviews from clients using the app’s ReputationBuddy to encourage feedback from shoppers, it’s important you don’t underestimate the value of testimonials. 

Reach a wider audience

One of the beautiful benefits to come with the digital revolution is the ability your dealership now has to reach and connect with a wider audience. Gone are the days whereby you can only engage with local customers, within a certain radius. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, boat dealerships can now speak to customers from across the globe – and the SnapCell app makes doing this simpler than ever. 

What’s more, using SnapCell actually allows boat dealers to give customers an effective hybrid or totally virtual shopping experience, by giving them the same excellent customer service you offer in-store, but from the comfort of their sofa. This can be done by using features like SnapCell Messenger, which enables your staff to send videos to customers via SMS, prompting two-way text conversation between your sales team and potential leads. Likewise, SnapCell Live is an innovate feature that allows your staff to hold two-way live conversation with customers, whether that’s to talk them through what each boat offers, to hold digital boat tours, or take the shopper on a virtual boat ‘test drive’ for example.

When it comes to customer reach, the possibilities are endless thanks to digital developments – and honestly, every business can now communicate with a worldwide audience if they want to. To get one step ahead of your competition, you need to be using tools like SnapCell, which make it easy and simple to reach wider audiences via video, without compromising on quality.

Are you ready to start using SnapCell?

It’s clear that including video into your boat dealership’s sales strategy is a must, especially if you’re looking to grow and develop a successful business moving forward. What you might be struggling with, is where to start and how to find the time to create professional-looking videos for your dealership. Look no further than SnapCell. Consider SnapCell as your trusted sidekick when it comes to creating engaging and attractive video content, helping you to bring in new custom, drive sales and boost your reputation. Use Snapcell to sail your boat dealershop towards a better sales strategy. Schedule your free demo and find out what SnapCell can do for you.

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