Best Car Dealer Software in 2020

Apr 23, 2020Tips & Tricks

Our guide to the very best automotive software on the market

In an age where automotive digital retailing is at its strongest, having the latest and best automotive software, tools and apps available really is the difference between a dealership that is managing and one that is thriving, both in it’s volume of sales but also in its efficiencies, processes and profitability. From inventory, cost calculation, financing and authorisation tools to those for preparation, sales contracts, auto repairs and e-payments, we’ve tried and tested them all. As a company of experts that have lived and breathed the automotive landscape our entire working lives, we’ve put the most reputable car dealer software and automotive apps for iPhone and Android to the test. We’ve reviewed some of our favourites, to help you make decisions with your car dealership’s best interest at heart.

CRM Systems

An auto dealer’s customer relationship management system is their approach to managing the dealership’s interaction with its customers. It allows your team to use key customer history to drive new car sales and also retain customers for their services and repairs.

1. DealerSocket

Our top three CRM software leads with DealerSocket. The extremely customizable interface allows you to create reporting categories and see only the data that you want, showing all your main KPIs as a quick glance. Included are plenty of handy tutorials, optional reminders, email templates and more. There’s also a feature-filled mobile app version.

2. VinSolutions

VinSolutions prides itself on helping you to overcome your biggest challenges as a dealership. The system is data-focused, allowing your team to see key reports in an entirely visual and digestible way. The layout is smooth and straight-forward, making all information quickly accessible.

3. GoMoto

Not your typical CRM system, GoMoto supplies forward-thinking self-service kiosks that work with your existing CRM and Dealer Management System. GoMoto acts as your virtual service advisor, whilst collecting and aggregating useful customer data. The kiosks deliver a consistent customer experience and are incredibly easy to use for customers of all digital abilities.

Lead Generation

In automotive, lead generation is the process of initiating consumer interest or enquiries into a new vehicle, service or repair.

1. SnapCell

If you’re looking for the best automotive lead generation app, SnapCell is the ultimate automotive sales tool. SnapCell allows your team to record and send walkaround and technician videos via SMS and email, whilst seamlessly messaging the customer back and forth. It provides a simple reporting interface to help you meet your KPIs, is entirely self-editing for both mobile and desktop, and also integrates with all the industry-leading CRMs and DMS.

2. Apollo by TeamVelocity

Apollo used clever AI and marketing automation technology to deliver quality leads. The software allows both dealerships and OEMs to target a hyper-local customer base, identify customers that are in-market for their next vehicle, automate relevant offers and VIN-based campaigns and create a personalised, high-relevant shopping experience.

3. ELeads

ELead offers a multitude of automotive tools, including those for marketing, inbound and outbound BDC, inventory management and a comprehensive CRM. The software focuses on both generating more leads, by creating personalised experiences for each customer, but also managing those leads in an effective, profitable way.

Website Providers and Apps

A website provider will build and, often, licence software that is specific to your dealership. Your website is a key sales tool and the online window into your business.

1. WebBuy

Choosing the right website tools should be done with care, as your website needs to reflect your business model. If you’re looking for the best dealer website application, then we’d recommend WebBuy. WebBuy’s USP is online car sales, allowing customers to buy a car on their mobile phone in just a few clicks. The application works seamlessly with all website software and can be fully integrated by the WebBuy team. According to a survey of 1,089 consumers, 49% said they’d be willing to purchase a new vehicle entirely online, so if ecommerce isn’t already a future consideration, then it should be.

2. uses advanced programming techniques to provide industry-leading, mobile-first websites. With car buyers spending 60% of their time researching online, focuses on delivering sites that have a fast and fluid mobile user journey. Websites are personalised to your dealership and brand, and reports are generated so you can monitor ongoing traffic and lead performance.

3. DealerOn

DealerOn balances a healthy mix of high-converting websites and effective, traffic-driving marketing strategies. Websites are fully responsive and are built with best-practice SEO in mind. They’re also pretty fast and have the best VDP software for car dealers. Existing customers can also benefit from free digital retailing until May 31 2020.

Learn more about how SnapCell can increase car sales, footfall, CSI scores and, ultimately, dealership revenue. Arrange a free demo of our impressive, simple and reliable video sales tool by contacting SnapCell today.