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Jan 5, 2021Tips & Tricks

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It’s fair to say that everyone needs help from the experts at some point. After all, when your customers need professional advice on which car to buy or how to solve a mechanical problem, we hope they turn to you. So, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that when you need help in boosting your brand and improving the performance of your marketing campaigns, you also turn to the experts in that field.

But it’s also important that you get help from specialists that understand your industry as well as you do. There are many jack-of-all-trades marketing agencies that cater for everyone. We think it’s much better to work with those who know automotive inside out, and the unique challenges you face.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the best automotive marketing agencies out there. The list isn’t in any particular order, but each and every one is an automotive specialist offering comprehensive marketing solutions for dealers.

Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire describe themselves as a digital disruptor that is future proofing dealerships through connected solutions that sell and service more cars, more efficiently. They recognise that the car business is still a people business (something we like a lot), and that connecting instant consumer technology with the local car buying experience is how even the smallest operation can stay relevant and grow their audience.

From initial search to the final signature, Dealer Inspire build seamless marketing and technology solutions that makes automotive retailing faster, easier, and smarter.

Dealer Inspire’s products and services include inventory management, marketing, SMS marketing, website solutions, and data management. Their inventory management system utilises modern, intuitive design enabling you to upload, price, and turn your stock faster than ever before. Their marketing services look to maximize your ROI by dominating search and synching cross-channel marketing strategies with your website. The AI-based messaging service they provide enables dealers to provide instant, easy, and always available access to their audience. Dealer Inspire’s websites use stunning data-driven design, personalized recommendations and an ultrafast shopping experience to inspire website visitors to become buyers, making them one of our top choices for your best automotive marketing agencies. And everything is backed up by steadfast support and a comprehensive reporting platform.

Caldwell & Kerr

If you’re looking for a creatively focused agency, Caldwell & Kerr deliver high-impact advertising and digital content that consistently delivers. They have refined the processes of maximizing leads, capturing new audiences, and establishing strong branding identity. From advertising copy that imbeds itself in the minds of buyers, to graphic design that catches the eye and stirs the emotions, Caldwell & Kerr pride themselves in putting the ‘full’ in full service. They also deliver customizable, in-house production that has been shown to stand out from the crowd time and time again.

Whether it’s using aerial photography or utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software, Caldwell & Kerr advertising delivers hundreds of uniquely produced spots each month to clients across the USA, including Group 1 Automotive, Zeigler Automotive Group, and Asbury Automotive Group.

Naked Lime

Naked Lime boast offices in Ohio, Texas, and Canada. They take their name from being transparent and upfront (bare, or ‘naked’ in other words), and from bringing a fresh twist to automotive marketing. They recognise that your website is your car lot, presented on the world stage. As a team of automotive experts, they are completely invested in the individual success of each of their clients. They also study cars, people who sell cars, and people who buy cars to provide what they think is an unbeatable automotive retail experience.

From digital and targeted marketing, to social media, PR, strategy and content, Naked Lime provide their comprehensive suite of services completely in-house, making them a one-stop shop and strong choice for best automotive marketing agencies for dealers.

Pure Cars

Pure Cars was founded in 2007 by Jeremy Anspach, a ‘motor city’ Detroit native and renowned industry speaker. His understanding and insight into how consumer behaviours have changed in the digital age, has provided the foundation on which Pure Cars services and products are built on.

The company states its one focus is in identifying car shoppers who are ready to buy, and delivering them to dealers to complete the purchase. They use dealer and market data to form more effective marketing strategies, matching low-funnel car shoppers with inventory on dealer lots and forecourts.

From independents to major retail groups, Pure Cars offers dealers of all sizes everything they need to compete and thrive, all in a single package. That includes integrated advertising across all major channels, website conversion tools, digital campaign tools, and a host of market insights and opportunities.

Dealer On

Dealer On is an automotive marketing agency who have built their brand on an unflinching devotion to delivering the best results for dealers. They judge their own success on seeing their clients gain measurable lead increases when they move to the Dealer On platform.

They provide products and services to over 3,000 dealers across the USA and Canada, and claim an average 150% lead increase for their clients. Dealer On also have over a decade of experience in providing their highly successful website platform and digital marketing services, which they proudly claim to be best-in-class, as well as highly converting. They focus on providing simple, effective tools that enable dealers to sell more cars, fill more service lanes, and see more profit.

They also place significant focus on the user – a dealer’s customers. That’s why their greater goal is to make car buying in the digital age better than ever. They make the right resources available to dealers so they can provide an engaging experience to website visitors as well as an enhanced digital buying journey.

Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal Digital Marketing describe themselves as the #1 auto dealer digital marketing agency. They specialize in creating custom digital marketing and SEO campaigns that bring customers to your business. They also pride themselves in making quality a priority.

Cardinal offer nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing, converting customers, and increasing awareness of automotive brands. With digital marketing covering an ever wider spread of channels, including Facebook and Instagram ads, video marketing, Google Maps and Google Ads, not to mention making all of these (and more) SEO friendly – the odds are stacked against dealers to keep up. Cardinal help take the mystery out of digital marketing for dealers and make it manageable for any size of automotive business.

Probably the big one almost all car dealers have heard of, and as the name implies, they have a reputation for their ‘does what it says on the tin’ approach. are experienced marketing professionals in bringing dealerships to new audiences. They offer an end-to-end digital marketing solution that is backed by an unrivalled understanding of consumer behaviour, as well as delivering the technology and expertise that dealers need to provide new user-led experiences.

Their dealer websites act as your digital storefront and bring ease, efficiency, and built-in user experience (UX) criteria that improve conversion. Their digital retailing solutions offer both dealers and consumers the flexibility, freedom, convenience and choice of being able to complete a car purchase directly from your website. On top of all this,’s websites offer flexible customisation, data-driven design, and an optimized experience for both users and owners. They can also incorporate digital retailing, specials and incentives.

If looking after your individual campaigns seems time consuming and a distraction from running your business, also provides a comprehensive managed service, which includes all aspects of content and design, social media and SEO, as well as website management and home services promotion.

They’ve also developed a flexible, intelligent, and secure digital advertising platform powered by unique data sources untapped by other agencies. From paid search campaigns to retargeting and display, and even strategy and partnership endeavours, they have the automation and digital expertise to bring everything together.

They also offer an extensive resource library and a blog covering industry insights.


Whereas we might not be classed as a full-blown automotive marketing agency, SnapCell is nevertheless an automotive marketing specialist. And video marketing is an essential element that can be integrated into any of the channels and niches we’ve mentioned above. From impactful PR and brand growth, to delivering highly converting leads into every part of a dealer’s business, video is the medium which delivers the best results again and again.

As a number of the agencies we’ve highlighted in this article put focus on, the automotive industry is evolving and changing at an unprecedented rate. Digital is beginning to dominate, no matter what kind of marketing you’re considering.

SnapCell provides simple and reliable video marketing tools that have been proven to increase service upsell, car sales, CSI scores, dealership revenue, and even showroom visits. We help you build unique, personalized email campaigns with video at their heart.

We are seeing year-on-year rises in the number of consumers using video to research their vehicle purchases, and to share and communicate their preferences with their own online audiences. As a dynamic and forward-thinking automotive video tool, more dealers than ever before are turning to us as a way of building trust and rapport with their customers through digital channels. SnapCell has been designed for sales executives, business managers, and service departments all in mind.

No matter who you choose to help with your marketing, SnapCell enables you to share engaging vehicle walkarounds, virtual test drives, customer reviews and much more via your website, email, and social media.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our roundup of the best automotive marketing agencies. If you’re not yet a SnapCell customer and want to know how video can transform your marketing, you can schedule a demo by getting in touch with a member of the team today.

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