Why You Don’t Need An Automotive Videographer

Nov 9, 2020Tips & Tricks

Automotive Videographer

Car sales and servicing is an industry that prides itself in traditional values, loyalty, and established relationships. It’s a two-way street, as many dealerships find themselves upholding old ideas, loyalties and traditions that are no longer valid when it comes to marketing. One of these things is relying on a professional videographer, even when most of us carry the tools (not to mention expertise) required with us every day. Here are our top reasons why you don’t need to rely on a third party for brilliant, engaging videos designed to upsell all revenue streams within your business.

Make It Personal (Literally)

Videos are a powerful promotional tool that all businesses need to utilise in order to stay competitive. In a digital world where your customers are battling information overload, video is much more likely to stop them in their tracks than other content or channels. Video is their preferred way of absorbing information. But more than that, consumers want to be able to put a face to the brands and businesses they interact with. SnapCell enables your sales and service teams to inject their personalities directly into the content, and bring your brand to life at the same time. Without forced scripts and “managed” production, your business will seem more real to your audience, and in turn, your customers will be more engaged, interested and loyal as a result.

Creative Control

SnapCell also places full creative control in your hands. With easy to use, intuitive editing tools that are used in-app on your smartphone, creating a video is simple. Stop-start recording enables you to focus on specific features, highlight areas of work, and talk through each one in person. And when you’ve created your video, you can send it directly via SMS or email without having to wait for it to be downloaded or transferred, let alone edited and touched up on a laptop suite – which can sometimes mean a delay of days before you have the finished article.

You ARE the Professional

There is nobody better qualified to produce a video for an automotive business than those working in an automotive business. A professional videographer typically works within many industries, for a wide variety of clients. As automotive specialists, both your teams and SnapCell have the edge. From creating high quality, personalised walkarounds that note every detail, to virtual test drives and 360-degree spin displays – your teams can be themselves and do what they do best without any inhibitions. The same goes for service videos, where your technicians can go over every detail one to one. SnapCell is built for the automotive industry, and its functions have been designed specifically for sales and service teams. They can even speak to customers directly and instantly via two-way chat, proving there really is no need for a middleman.


Time. Equipment. Software and hardware. Travel and availability. All of these aspects drive the cost of hiring a professional videographer up. Keeping things in house will not only be kinder to your pocket, but it will also mean that impressive, engaging, professional looking video is always within easy reach for anyone within your teams equipped with a smartphone.

We’re Here for You

SnapCell recognises that these are difficult and challenging times for all in the automotive industry. That’s why we pride ourselves on the personal support we provide and the quick response times we insist upon. From handy helpful how-to videos, to direct queries and dedicated support via the app and website, we’ll help you through any issue or technicality you need to discuss or go through.

And there’s even more. SnapCell integrates easily with dealer CRMs and social media and your customers don’t need to download anything to interact with you. You can even stream live, all directly from within the app. As unique content created by you, SnapCell videos integrated into your website and channels can even help improve SEO. And whether as dedicated content or direct marketing to individual customers, SnapCell can help you increase service upsell and showroom visits, grow dealership revenue, and improve sales and CSI scores.

If you’d like to know more about how SnapCell can help you cut out the middleman and still produce highly professional videos and marketing content, get in touch with the team today.

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