A Guide to Automotive Digital Retailing

Jun 17, 2020Tips & Tricks

Automotive Digital Retailing

For many dealers, automotive digital retailing has become the norm. Tying your digital and physical processes together into one streamlined approach is the ideological way of running any dealership, whether you’re a large multi-location group or a small independent. Here we explore all there is to know about automotive digital retailing and its benefits.

What is automotive digital retailing?

Automotive digital retailing is the process of aligning your physical sales processes with your digital sales processes, including your trade-in appraisals, deposit and delivery scheduling, pricing, finance and insurance, accessories, warranties and more. Your dealer management system is an integral part of building your digital retailing process, but other tools such as your inventory management software, social media and sales tools should also be a part of your
digital onboarding. Automotive digital retailing isn’t just about enabling technology, but also the business’s mindset.

What are the benefits of automotive digital retailing?

Research shows that 86% of car shoppers researched online before deciding to visit their local dealership. Good automotive digital retailing allows you to be present where your customers are, whilst building a personalized shopping experience.

A great example of this is with SnapCell. According to Google, more than half of shoppers say that video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. Introducing video to your digital retailing strategy gives customers a new avenue of exploring your stock, through walkaround videos and virtual test drives. Video may not be for absolutely everyone, but it’s about providing different routes to market so that the customer has a choice.

How can my dealership implement automotive digital retailing?

Speaking to a dealership management system provider is a great place to start. Any good system will integrate with a range of other digital tools, but don’t agree to anything before you’re sure about third-party tool compatibility. Providers will often have expertise and contacts that you can benefit from. Finally, shop around, ask lots of questions and read plenty of online reviews.

To begin the process of building SnapCell into your automotive digital retailing strategy, why not arrange a demo? We’ll walk you through the features and benefits of using video to create walk around videos, technician videos, virtual test drives and more.

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