Best Automotive Apps for iPhone and Android

Jun 16, 2020Tips & Tricks

Best automotive apps for Andorid & iPhone

It’s no secret that the car buying market is continuing to change, with customers seeking more online information to help make their purchase decision, than previous years. In fact, reports show that customers take an average of just 14 hours and 48 minutes researching a vehicle before deciding to purchase.

With that in mind, most dealers are now opting for specialist automotive lead generation and sales tools in the form of iPhone and Android apps, in order to help them make faster decisions and deliver information to customers in record time. We’ve tried and tested a whole range of available car sales apps and tools, providing our top three must haves.


Before the birth of SnapCell, CEO and Director, Brent Williams recognised a need for better video communication within the industry. After spending years in leading sales teams within dealerships, Brent recognised that creating and sending walkaround and technician videos was an effective way of driving sales, whilst also providing information to customers in a fast and personable way. But there were still gaps in the manual way that videos were created and sent, and so SnapCell was born.
The app, available on both iPhone and Android, allows dealers to easily create, edit and send walkaround and service videos in the click of a few buttons. Videos are sent directly to the customer’s inbox by either email or SMS, creating a friendly dialogue whilst building trust and customer rapport.

Recent addition, SnapCell Live, promotes a revolutionary way of conducting walkaround and test drives, making the entire process virtual. Customers can really get to grips with a vehicle without even having to leave their sofa. The release comes at a perfect time, with many customers continuing to feel some uncertainty around leaving their homes during the pandemic.

NADA MarketValues

The NADA MarketValues app provides its users with unlimited lookups by VIN scan or make and model providing valuable data that a standard VIN decode can’t. The app has two major functions.

The NADA Used Car Guide provides weekly NADA auction values and monthly trade-in, loan and retail appraisals. The guide is surprisingly accurate and allows dealers to really understand the current market in depth. AuctionNet partners with the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) to provide a fantastic source of wholesale vehicle sales data. More than 500,000 new records are added each other, accounting for more than 80% of the nation’s auction activity.

Of course, the two can be used in parallel and both are available on iPhone and Android. Furthermore, internet drop-outs aren’t an issue if operating on a larger car lot, as the app uses cached data to return key information.


Gubagoo is an automotive live chat solution that integrates with your website. Customers can chat to a real person (as opposed to a bot) using any device and at any time of the day. The chat professionals, provided by Gubagoo, can share products and their dedicated web pages with the customer to build a dialogue and provide useful, sales-driving information.

The chat professional aims to collect customer contact details which can be shared with the dealership. This proves particularly useful during the hours that the dealership is closed. The dealership also has the option to take over the chat at any time, using the app, to provide an even more personal experience.

Which automotive apps will you choose to download and trial on your iPhone or Android? To arrange a free SnapCell demo or find out more, get in touch with our team of knowledgeable automotive experts.