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Apr 24, 2020Tips & Tricks

Buying a new car is an exciting time. If you’re looking to buy a new car, you’ll probably want to get the best value for money, whilst those looking to sell a car will want the very best price for the vehicle. AutoTrader and Car Gurus are very popular, perfectly viable marketplaces to sell a vehicle, but selling a car can be expensive and there are other alternatives out there that are cheaper.


Designed specifically for auto dealers, CarsDirect has a simple, easy-to-use interface and allows you to search through specifications, mileage, pricing and much more, quickly. CarsDirect partners with insurers and loans companies, which make the entire buying process smooth and straight forward. It’s a reasonably-priced option for dealers and a one-stop shop for buyers, making it an ideal alternative to AutoTrader and CarGurus.

SnapCell Score: 4.5/5 is a simple, fuss-free alternative for both sellers and buyers. It looks great on both desktop and mobile, whilst also offering a quick turnaround on vehicle price estimates. Reports are available to buyers in order to provide used vehicle history. A wealth of information is provided on new models, including reviews and a handy model comparison tool.

SnapCell Score: 4.5/5


TrueCar prizes itself as offering Ultimate Price Transparency and eliminates haggling in the dealership, which can be uncomfortable and awkward for many consumers. Once you find a car you like, you can request a quote from the dealer and receive a price alongside any discount of benefits that the dealer can offer. TrueCar then sends a Used Vehicle Certificate which you simply show in the dealership to verify the vehicle price that’s already been agreed.

SnapCell Score: 4/5


One of the less well known auto marketplaces, and the underdog option, CarShopper serves both buyer and seller (private and dealer). Whilst it doesn’t offer all the review and financing perks of the well known marketplaces, CarShopper covers a lot of the basics and more. It’s a cost-friendly option for dealers selling at scale, and the interface is simple and smooth. Dealers can also choose to list themselves in it’s online directory.

SnapCell Score: 4/5

Facebook Marketplace

One of the newer additions to the auto marketplace landscape, Facebook Marketplace is becoming increasingly popular for both buyers and sellers. Whilst it doesn’t have the ingrained, complex functionality that other dedicated automotive marketplaces have, Facebook is continuously updating its user experience with a view to be one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Plus, it’s brand awareness is second to none. You will need to find a Facebook approved listing partner though, such as Team Velocity.

SnapCell Score: 3.5/5


Craiglist is a popular website for the private seller, and for good reason. Whilst some dealers choose to list vehicles on Craiglist, most are private sellers, meaning you’re likely to find yourself a bargain, making it a much cheaper alternative to CarGurus and AutoTrader. Despite not being a specific auto marketplace, you can still filter results on all the standard criteria. Just bear in mind that there’s often more work involved when buying from a private seller, the vehicle wouldn’t come with a warranty and financing the vehicle must be done through a third party bank.

SnapCell Score: 3/5


Ebay has a dedicated used car sales section on it’s website. The search criteria is fine-tuned to allow you to search for mileage, who is selling (dealer or private), vehicle title (clear or salvage) and more. Collector cars, parts and accessories also have their own dedicated section, so there really is something for everyone.

SnapCell Score: 3/5


Vroom offers a vast range of vehicles, with a few additional buyer perks. Customers can opt to have their vehicle delivered to them, anywhere in the country, whilst also being given the option to trade in their existing vehicle. They have quite a stringent inspection process and only allow the sale of vehicles that have clean titles, with accident-free CARFAX history reports.

SnapCell Score: 3/5

Cycle Trader

Motorcycle marketplace, Cycle Trader is a specialist buying and selling portal for anyone in the market for a bike. The search functionality is basic, yet smooth, and the website doesn’t try to overcomplicate its usability. It’s niche target market makes it a go-to for motorcycle enthusiasts, so should be a serious consideration for any seller (dealer or private) looking to part with a bike.

SnapCell Score: 3/5


Autopten is aimed at those wanting to buy and sell cheaply, listing cars costing anything from $500. For this reason, it’s a great cost-effective alternative to AutoTrader and CarGurus for small, independent dealers selling just a small handful of budget vehicles. The interface is a little clunky and feels a little basic, particularly on desktop, and also hosts quite a few ads. Despite this, Autopten still manages to deliver, particularly to first time car buyers looking for a bargain.

SnapCell Score: 2.5/5

We hope that you find our marketplace reviews helpful in finding alternatives to AutoTrader and CarGurus. Why not put these to the test yourself?

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