What makes SnapCell a better alternative to BombBomb, CoVideo and TruVideo?

Jul 1, 2020

Video on demand

It’s no surprise that video is becoming a much in-demand aspect of automotive marketing. In 2018, during a declining market, David Auto, a Chrysler dealer in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, increased profits by 37%. The results they achieved were so profound, they were highlighted in an extensive report by Think with Google on the overall digital marketing trends in automotive. And their secret? Video marketing! In fact, the dealer went on record to say they had spent less money, yet sold more cars than they had in 25 years. In short, when they began to engage their audience with video, they saw internet leads increase by 26% and showroom traffic increase by 22%.

In the same report, Think with Google stated that 75% of car shoppers had claimed online video had influenced their purchases. With 93%* of car buyers starting their path to purchase online, the importance of video as an influence can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to model and brand discovery. 40%* of shoppers who used online video for research, said it helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t previously aware of or considering. And over half said it helped them learn more about the vehicles they were already contemplating.

The sight, motion, and sound of video enables a potential car buyer to experience a vehicle online in a way few other (if any) mediums are capable of. It’s a really immersive way for your audience to connect with you.

But it’s also important to remember that video doesn’t just facilitate discovery and research. Think with Google also found that it is an essential tool that encourages the majority of shoppers to take the next step. 60% of the car buyers who used video during the research process reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video linked to their products and services.

In the wake of COVID-19, it is clear that digital and online channels are vital to dealer survival when new challenges appear – as they often do in automotive. So, how dealers spend their marketing budgets and what they get in return is more important than ever. Consumers have already chosen their medium of choice – discovering brands, engaging with them, and taking action via video. As a result, many dealers are navigating the mysterious waters of video marketing for the first time and discovering many third parties claiming to be able to help. But is there a more cost effective and better performing alternative to BombBomb, CoVideo, TruVideo and the like? We’d like to think so!

The original and best alternative for automotive

If you are considering an alternative to BombBomb, an alternative to TruVideo, or an alternative to CoVideo – we think we have one major advantage that comes above all the rest. We are an automotive specialist. Our video marketing is exclusively for the use of dealers. It has been built with sales executives, business managers, BDC agents, and service departments specifically in mind. In fact, here at SnapCell, we’re proud of our automotive video tool, its features, and how much we’ve helped dealers throughout the U.S. to drive revenue into their businesses.

The team behind SnapCell spent the formative years of their careers working for dealers in marketing departments and sales teams of some of the most successful automotive groups around. As a result, the team at SnapCell has a thorough understanding of how dealers operate and how customers purchase cars.

If you’re looking for a digital video tool and software solution, but feel a little baffled by the growing number of options available, then look no further. SnapCell is not only incredibly easy to use via an intuitive app available on both Apple and Android smartphones, but it also enables you to capture a wide variety of videos that are automatically saved to your Content Management System (CMS).

Whether you are looking to create, stunning showcase 360 walkarounds, or personalized and detailed technician videos, the tools you need are just a few clicks away. But that’s just the start. If you’re looking to drive upsell opportunities, dealers can also conduct virtual test drives and communicate with customers using live video streaming. This is a really dynamic way of building rapport and being able to serve customers from the comfort of their own homes.

Choosing SnapCell as an alternative to CoVideo, BombBomb or TruVideo

When it comes to selling cars, SnapCell videos aren’t just an alternative to BombBomb, they’re an upgrade! We’ve built our software to showcase some of the most desirable products on the planet – automobiles. With that in mind, every SnapCell video is aptly packaged and branded to instil desire in your prospective customers. And as we know, people by from people. When they can see and hear you, they get to know you – creating trust and attachment to your business that can’t be achieved through a simple email. All of this naturally engages the customer and vastly improves the customer experience you deliver.

But we also know that you’re not just in the business of selling cars. So, it’s good to know that video is an equally powerful marketing tool when it comes to mechanical upsell too – another reason why we think SnapCell is a better performing alternative to TruVideo and others. When it comes to transparency, seeing really is believing – and there really is no better way of showing a customer how you work, or why work needs to be done than through video. You can gain immediate trust with a short video that in one shot showcases the professionality of your staff and workshop. It’s also a brilliant way of gaining extra work hours – it’s hard to argue when you can literally see the problem in front of you. At the same time, it provides in-built protection for potential problems, where you can show how and why you took preventative actions or advised on them.

One of the huge benefits of having the SnapCell app on the phones of your sales and service teams is the ability to capture in-person reviews on the go. Car buyers and those looking for service outlets and workshops are always looking for reassurance that they’re making the right decision. There is no better endorsement than one that comes from an existing happy customer. Encouraging your teams to use SnapCell to harvest reviews will increase leads, create a library of free, user-created content, and also improve your SEO when added to any of your digital channels.

Another edge SnapCell has as an alternative to CoVideo and its contemporaries is how easy it is to add content to social media. Video can transform your social media marketing by influencing buyers (as we mentioned in the first section), and gaining more followers. In fact, it is strongly believed that video is the most important content type for social media. Luckily, just like the vast majority of social platforms, SnapCell is an app, making adding content a matter of just a few clicks.

In fact, video content is hands down the most effective way of generating leads via any channel. After all, we believe in it so much, we’ve made it the core of our dedicated product and service provision. With video, you’ll see more website click-throughs and real growth in online traffic.

The app is entirely self-editing, integrates with social channels, and allows dealers to monitor their KPIs through its fuss-free, visual reporting suite. Users report that the interface is simple and easy to use, especially when compared to some of its clunky counterparts. App speed is also a focus for SnapCell, with its users reporting that SnapCell “loads the fastest” whilst still being the “easiest and most versatile to use”. Data also shows that SnapCell has a 50% higher open rate than any other multi-point inspection (MPI) software. Unlike the static and clunky reporting suites of its competitors, SnapCell’s custom reports allow users to track the KPIs that are most important to them.

Talk to SnapCell

Whilst users report that SnapCell is easy to use even for the most technologically challenged, if you do need assistance, its “second-to-none support” is available throughout the week. Dealers can either use the chat functionality or pick up the phone to reach a member of the user engagement team.

If you really want to be convinced on the edge our dedicated automotive app offers as an alternative to BombBomb, an alternative to CoVideo, or an alternative to TruVideo, we simply suggest you give us a try. To arrange a demo and experience SnapCell for yourself, get in touch today. Our friendly, professional team are on hand.


*Google, 2018

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