Who We Are

SnapCell is a SaaS video marketing platform that increases car dealership revenue by engaging customers through personalized video and visual solutions.

Company Overview

SnapCell is a completely personal, easy to use video engagement tool that empowers car dealerships marketing through personal connection.

It helps them create trust through transparency, gives convenience to the customer, and provides dealers with a suite of dynamic tools to drive conversion and sales. Even in the digital age, people buy from people. Bringing the forecourt to the customer.

Mission Statement

Providing the industry best dynamic suite of visual solutions to auto dealers worldwide empowering them to give efficient and effective purchase experiences to their customers.

Born out of automotive and a passion for bridging the dealer and customer sales experience to improve sales and service whilst incorporating trust and transparency.

The Problem

Car dealers lose business every day because customers do not have trust in a dealership. Dealerships are also losing money every day as they are not maximizing their leads.

The simple fact is, email and phone are wildly ineffective ways to communicate effectively to customers regarding expensive transactions like the need for an additional vehicle repair or the benefits of purchasing a new car.

More and more customers are wanting a more visual representation, efficient service and a quick to purchase market place.

The Solution

SnapCell puts a simple-to-use, reliable video app right in the hands of dealer technicians and salespeople. As they say, seeing is believing, and receiving a personalized video from the real person actually working with your vehicle helps restore transparency and trust to an opaque process.

SnapCell app is integrated into the dealer’s CRM system, ensuring TCPA compliance and management oversight. Call-to-action buttons and re-engagement tools ensure maximum impact. Lead and Inventory feeds also allow for systematic automatic responses aswell as a one stop shop for visuals direct to the customers device with NO CUSTOMER DOWNLOADS.

Made for car people by car people!

The Team

Meet the people behind SnapCell. Click on their photos to view their introduction video.

Brent Williams

CEO & Founder

Darren McGowan


Quinn Spicker


Marianne Farrell

Marketing Director

Terry Gibson

Senior Sales Manager

Greg Ternoway

National Sales Director

Jud Whidden

Head Of Finance

Shaun Yates

Business Development Executive

Molly Fraley

Business Development Executive

Candice Gowans

Business Development Executive

Ifeanyi Obi

Business Development Executive

Maria Bezants

Customer Success Manager

Sean Mortimer

Product Developer

Mykal MacKinnon

Business Development Executive

Josh Burks

Customer Success Manager